65 years of Independence – still a India not yet Independent

Like the ever shining saffron colour, we should have the courage to fight against all the odds. Like the white we should make peace and not war. And like the green colour we should always think for the good of our motherland, our soil, our country first

We Indians have a habit of talking about everything, discussing many issues be it anywhere, if we are travelling in a train,on a bus, or even if we are sipping a cup of tea at our neighbourhood tea shop. We have a habit of imposing our own ideas and views over others. We talk about many things, we talk about the dirty politics which is ruining our country, we talk about the inefficiency of Indian cricket team (when we lose), and we talk about many other things but for what? Just for the sake of talking. We do it to pass our time, we talk about all such hot topics, give our opinions and start believing that we did something for our nation and then we go back to our sleep, to our normal lives. And when things go terribly wrong we end up blaming the government. Today We are not here to point out the loop holes of our government. On the contrary lets talk about about what we have done for the betterment of our own country and what can be done to make it a better place to live. Because we are the creators and destroyers of our nation, government, society and ourselves – we the people of India.
We grow up in a society where people tell us that we should respect women and after few years the same people end up raping or molesting women or atleast be a mute spectator to such cases. We talk about right to equality and we have created this whole system of reservation based on caste and religion and what not. Inter caste marriages are not accepted, honour killing is still going on, dowry demands are still a normal affair, oppressing women and not letting them live their life independently is no big deal. We talk about honesty and we take bribes for anything and everything (more importantly we do pay bribes), we don’t pay our income taxes, we earn from all those undesirable sources and we save all the black money in those undisclosed bank accounts or we end up buying innumerous properties. We talk about democracy, and we don’t follow it wholeheartedly. Who is doing all this? The Government ! ? No it’s us, the people of our country; it’s we who are responsible for all our miseries.  Because we are the ones who choose the government, we are the ones who vote them, so we should be held responsible for whatever is going around.
Indians are so proud of their culture which is based on 90% superstition, exploitation of women and yes celebration of such festivals which are deadly for the environment. We need to get independence from this culture loop first and set a new trend of modernity for our country.(When we say modernity, it doesn’t mean aping the west, it simply means a culture which is based more on logic and reasoning than on practises followed by generations). 
On 15thaugust we will celebrate the 65th year of Independence, but actual we still have a long fight to achieve the complete independence in its true sense. Today we are living in a hell, where people don’t have the authority to express their views (if it hurts our great politicians); if a farmer complains for the negligence of government he is called a Maoist. Men are scared to keep long beard who knows maybe they will become the next terror suspect. Price hikes have become a fashion, economic policies are failing to fulfil the expectations, and Politicians are playing their own games to create vote banks and mint money. We live in a country where the Prime Minister himself is controlled by someone who holds no position in the cabinet, in fact she has no right to suggest anyone about anything (other than her own political party). Whatever it may be, it’s common man who is always at the receiving end. The lower and middle class families fight everyday  to live a peaceful life.

Sports is one field which has been neglected for too long in this country of ours. Every other kid is busy studying indoors. The pressure current defunct education system puts on children is unprecedented. Sports has remained just a second fiddle only to be pursued as pastime and is never viewed as a serious career option. We are into  “beta engineering kar le” kind of revolution where every kid is supposed to join a rat race after completing his/her engineering or medical course. Our national game has become a victim of politicisation of sports. Our medals tally has improved significantly in this London Olympics but we have a long way to go before we can actually rest on our laurels.

In politics, we will have to take the initiative, the Indian political system needs a complete overhaul. Good people need to word for the country not just as social volunteers but as politicians. Political system forms the foundation any nation, if the foundation is not strong then, its difficult to build stronger. Cleaning politics is inevitable but, its only possible if common man like you and me pursue politics seriously and not just in our day to day discussions.

Every country has its own issues and problems. India is a developing country, and it has potential to become the best. We have different states, different cultures, different religions, different languages and we all have to come together to make India a better nation. No government can do, this is our fight and we have to fight it together if we want to see the coming generation in a place where they feel proud of being Indian. Our national flag should be a great source of inspiration for us, where all those three colours hold an important and deep meaning. Like the ever shining saffron colour, we should have the courage to fight against all the odds. Like the white we should make peace and not war. And like the green colour we should always think for the good of our motherland, our soil, our country first and then for ourselves. Many revolutionaries sacrificed themselves because they wanted us to live with our head held high. If not for ourselves we can do this for all those who sacrificed their life for us, can’t we ?

Divided by states,culture,practises,languages, But united by a religion called – Indianism :):)”
– Mimansa Shastri  and Mayank Verma
Its NOW or NEVER!!

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