Melbourne Calling: A Place You Can’t Miss

My Wishlist for Melbourne is too long to be contained in a single blog post. But still I would make an attempt to pen it down….before jumping directly to things that I wish to do in Melbourne, I would first like to share how I got so fascinated about Melbourne. It was summers of 2009, when I was selected to pursue my Bachelors at a reputed college in Australia. To top it all, I was offered full scholarship as well. This college was located at Canberra in ACT. Though Melbourne was miles away from my campus, being a die hard cricket follower, all I knew about Australia till then was Melbourne and its Melbourne Cricket Ground. I had seen the scenic beauty and vibrant atmosphere of Melbourne many times during matches, so first thing I googled was the whereabouts of Melbourne.

As it is said “Man proposes, god disposes”. My plans for Melbourne never saw the day of the light, as I finally had to opt out of the college due to some inevitable circumstances. But my wish-list remains intact over the years(with few additions though:P). Now that I have created sufficient foreground lets talk business…

It is not for no reason that Melbourne is called the cultural capital of Australia. Melbourne’s god gifted natural beauty combined with rich cultural legacy makes it one of the best places in the world. With sea on all sides, Melbourne is the place to be for a foodie like me. I would like to add new sea foods into my foodabulary. Apart from this, if I had to name one thing I vie Melbourne for; it would certainly be the Moomba festival. I have seen the youtube video of awesome water skiing events and those famous parades that bring out the the entire cultural hierarchy on the streets.

One of my friends, who has been to Melbourne, says that any journey to Melborne is incomplete without a visit to Grampians national park. I too was thrilled with his narration of how Kangaroos could be spotted everywhere on the way. I would definitely visit the national park as well. Last but not the least, I can’t think of returning from Melbourne, without having visited National Sports Museum at MCG.

Well I am not a movie freak, for those who are; you would not like to miss the world film festivals either. In nutshell, you would find one event or the other underway, round the year.So it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!

Its NOW or NEVER!!