If Pranab is made the President, make me the Finance Minister

It seems as if the the puppet show is far from over. After having seen a great visionary and economist Mr Singh turn into a mere rubber stamp over the past decades; now its Pranab Mukherjee’s turn. A veteran politician, an able minister, a great visionary and UPA trouble-shooter is the next puppet up for UPA-II puppet show. As UPA president Mrs Sonia Gandhi announced UPA’s presidential candidate in the form of Pranab Mukherjee, India not only got a new stamp with actual control in the hands of Mrs Gandhi. But it also meant that one more economist will have to shun his visionary economic reforms midway and opt for political hibernation.

This is for the first time in the Indian history that an active politician and serving minister has been named as presidential candidate. With the the political tide turning his way, Pranab is all set to occupy the President House for next 5 years. What surprised me the most was, Pranav Da’s press conference after selection. He specially thanked Mrs Sonia Gandhi and he only thanked Mrs Gandhi for his selection. It is clear that all the decisions in UPA are taken unilaterally by Mrs Sonia; such is the monopoly and autonomy enjoyed by our UPA chief. And now with both PM and President working at her will, Mrs Gandhi wants complete control over the country.

Mamata might presently be opposed to her state-mate’s candidature. But with BSP and SP supporting the UPA candidate, TMC will have no choice but to support the alliance candidate. BJP appears to bargain for a Vice-president berth, and in turn support Pranab. Even without BJP’s support, UPA has enough numbers to see Pranab through to Raisina Hills.

When Pranab assumes the post of president next month; he would vacate the office as Finance Minister. I urge Mrs Gandhi to induct me as the Finance Minister. I have all the qualities that she would look for while choosing such a key minister.

Dear Mrs Gandhi
I will follow all your commands.In event of any scams, I can take all the blame on myself (if need be). I wont utter a word in public, unless I am allowed to. All key decisions would be made in consultation with by you. So Kindly make me the next Finance Minister of India. And if you feel that I am a better ‘rubber stamp’, what about not troubling Pranab Da much and making me the next president!!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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