Dear UPA, If you do everything just as NDA did; you might be thrown out just as NDA was

Dear UPA Ministers,

Whether it be year-old 2G  scam or the recent Coalgate scam, whenever a major scam comes to light; you are always up in denial till you are fully convinced that even your strongest proponents won’t give into your lame excuses. How can one forget the ‘Zero Loss’ theory proposed by your very honorable minister Mr Kabil Sibal in relation to 2G scam. Given a chance, I would like to ask Mr. Sibal for why has A Raja been behind the bars for months when there was no loss to the public exchequer.

Adding insult to injury, when you turn to damage control mode; situation gets worse. Your first universal defense has been and will always be ‘we did what has been done since the NDA regime‘. Well, we the voting public are sharp enough to identify this cheap political move to drag in the opposition in the scam as well.  For a moment, even if we assume that you just follow the trend, still is this an excuse to multi-crore scams!!!! Moreover if you do everything exactly the way NDA did, why shouldn’t you be thrown out of power similar to the way NDA was years ago. Unscrupulously justifying the scams stands in testimony to how shameless this political set up has grown during the UPA I and UPA II regime.

When you further see the support thinning, you play the ‘Aam Admi‘ card. For instance; A Raja justified the 2G spectrum allocation at throw-away prices by citing how drastically it reduced call rates(1p/sec) across India. Going by this argument, one would feel that Coalgate scam is much more murkier than 2G scam. Of the 1.8 lakh crore loss to the public exchequer, atleast 2G scam helped around 900 million mobile users directly.  Though, this in no may makes 2G scam any less, but the fact that coalgate scam had no impact to end users makes the ulterior  intentions of those in power very clear.

Following the same lines; your coal minister is trying to present the irregularities in the coal block allocation as an attempt by the government to reduce the cost of power to end users. Well this arguments would not cut much ice. Firstly, these coal blocks were allocated even to companies with no direct or indirect connection with power production. In such scenario, can any one explain for how could the cost of power be reduced!!
Secondly, when the coal blocks were allocated at less than one tenth of market price, it should have been ensured that the coal was put to the intended use by the beneficiary company. As a matter of fact a major portion of this coal was misused. Hence your ‘cheap power’ argument is as baseless as your government.

Frightening similarity between the 2G scam and Coalgate scam implies UPA ministers will have some sleepless nights, till the cover up act is complete or they find a new scapegoat. As a matter of fact, scams as big as 2G or coalgate can’t be crafted by a single mind. There are those in power playing behind the scenes, who are yet to be exposed. Choice is ours. Either find a new A Raja for this scam or reach to the root the issue and expose the real masterminds. And whosoever is found guilty-be it the Prime Minister, Coal Minister or BJP president; exemplary punishment should be given for the gross negligence of duty and abuse of power.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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