Satyamev Jayate: Helping the Helpless

Satyamev Jayate: Helping the Helpless

Will Satyamev Jayate be a turning point for Indian television? Can it sustain for 12 episodes, and can the subjects be equally hard- hitting every time? Will this prove as an eye-opener to our society?
These are few questions that keep darting everyone’s mind. The actor-producer has done everything he could, to make it the talk of the nation. He has spent two years; postponed all his movies; so that he could concentrate solely on this project. Till now this show has been successful in waking people up from their deepest of slumbers. People are now talking about the issues which were buried in the pretext of social customs a long time ago. Critics of this show might wonder for why do we need Aamir khan to get the system working? I agree to this fact that we have many issues and if we wait for someone like him to raise voice against every such issue, majority of these issues would never see the light of the day.

The key to success of this show lies in the deep rooted Indian psyche. We prefer to follow than to lead. We refrain from opting for the ‘road less taken’. The concept of this show banks on this psyche and has been fairly successful in mass mobilization till now. It has something in store for everyone and hence everyone can relate to it.

Right from Female foeticide to dowry death and from child sexual abuse to abuse of power by doctors -each episode has been an eye-opener for India. In the debut episode of Satyamev Jayate, Aamir khan took up the issue of female foeticide. He made sure that the issue outlives the 1-hour show and gets its due share of attention. He set the ball rolling and he might be content with the positive outcome of the show. Not only this, Aamir went a step forward to meet the Rajasthan chief minister proposing the setting up of fast track courts to deal with cases like this; so that justice is neither delayed, nor denied. 

In the second episode, Satyamev Jayayte talked about the child sexual abuse issue. Following this, many NGOs received cases related to child abuse. This episode was pivotal in breaking many myths. Parents realized that child may not be safe in the home as well. This episode also hailed the commendable works of  the child line [Ph: 1098], which is working wonders in helping the helpless.
“Many parents now approach without hesitation to report these cases and all this thanks to Satyamev Jayate” said an NGO official.

Any positive development in our country can’t save itself from the ambit of controversies. The Minister of State for Health, Rajkumar Sharma hits back on the actor-producer saying, he was doing this for money, and not for the people. Apparently he was hurt because Rajasthan was shown in poor light; as the state with most number of female foeticide cases.

How tragic!!!
This minister is so called health minister of state and if someone is trying to do what he couldn’t do from past so many years-he feels offended. The question that minister needs to answer first is-why he couldn’t do anything when two journalists did the sting operation? Why this case was not solved from past seven years? Why none of those doctors were convicted? “He (Aamir) himself has said that he is an entertainer and cannot work longer on one topic, that simply means what he is doing is for monetary gains. If he really wants to work on this issue then I welcome him to work here on ground,” Sharma said.
There is a saying, “working for a good cause needs more strength but most importantly more will to walk on that path because the path will be full of miseries.” Few sick ministers are slamming this show because they know that awakened India will never be swayed on political lines again. But that should not bother us. A Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. If Aamir khan has started this journey to work for a cause; then we must support him.  He has provided a good platform where we can freely discuss about all such issues and we must participate actively, become aware and help spread this light. An enlightened group of educated people can take India to the pinnacle of glory it deserves.

Wake India Now!!!

Mayank Verma

SRM University, Chennai

Its NOW or NEVER!!