Right To Freedom Of Expression To Be Scraped

Right To Freedom Of Expression To Be Scraped

Supposedly we have been given freedom of expression by constitution of India but this comes with a star(*) mark as all good offers do. I mean that, terms and conditions apply written at the bottom in so small a font that normal spects can not event detect.We have this freedom to express our views, our feelings , our opinion, but we must also be ready to face the music if by any chance someone gets hurt by our words, even though in worst of our intentions we would not have thought of targeting the person or the group. Most importantly we can not criticise others especially politicians. It does not matter what your statement meant or what the context was, it all depends on interpretation of the offended.

And we too have the all witty – (the shitty) Sibal. Earlier Sibal wanted to censor twitter and facebook because his Madam Ji was shown in bad light in one of the pics and now the old man wants all cartoons to be removed from NCERT textbooks because he and his fellow brethren feel the toons show politicians in bad light.

Dear politicians , why not improve your character so that we don’t get a chance to portray you people in such toons. You need an introspection, rightly said Baramulla Shariq. Since, constitution has given us this right to freedom of expression, so these words of dissent will keep coming up, you can only ignore them, you can not all together avoid them, trust me! Learn to live with them.

The country has lost its sense of humour, its not open to criticism is the general opinion that print media have projected. But, the fact is, common man is still open to all sorts of humour and criticism (or he has no choice), its about all these “chors” out there who have lost their appetite for everything but corruption and money. Cartoons published in some books for kids take the centre stage and the national issues and problems are sidelined because some politician finds it offensive, and they say we depict them in poor light, it is you the parliamentarians who showcase yourself in bad light Sir ( 😛 ).

We live in a democracy where  the Prime Minister of the state has no right to freedom of expression (He speaks only when Madamji wants him to do so ), one can not expect the citizens to enjoy the same.  In this age of Internet and TV censorship, this fundamental right of ours does not hold good anymore. Its should not be a surprise, if one fine morning our Reverend Parliamentarians decide that Right To Freedom of Expression has to be scraped from the list of fundamental rights to citizen of India.

Wake India Now !!

Its NOW or NEVER!!