Mamta Banerjee – The newly found feudal lord in India

People of West Bengal are feeling betrayed and cheated. The present TMC govt under the tyranny of Mamata Banerjee has left the common man with the feeling of being deceived and duped. The already ailing state had an insult to its injury.

Power corrupts is the ultimate truth and non other than Mamata Banerjee exemplifies it better. She is behaving like an authoritative feudal lord, which has for obvious reasons brought infamy to her. She has shown a face to the nation which was hitherto unseen. If all these results in a premature fall of her government (which is quite probable), it will mean financial loss to the state and wastage of taxpayers’ money.

The political drama she created for shacking Dinesh Trivedi, the then railway minister, the way she entered a police station just for release of her aide, her diktat to ban certain newspapers and regulate what people read and see in media., the recent thrashing of professor of  Jadavpur University unveiled her real face in public. Recently, when a student who questioned about crime against women, Mamata Banerjee asked the girl “Are you a Maoist ?” and walked out of the live TV show.

In a democratic setup an elected representative is supposed to be a good leader but Mamata Banerjee on the contrary has been behaving like an ultimate leader with ultimate power. Dear Didi, if we can throw away the long rule of powerful British and the 34 years old rule of left can be toppled within matters of an election. A year old government can be thrown within seconds. The way you have been behaving, TMC is sure to become a thing of the past in history of Indian politics. Believe me, politics and leadership is not your ‘jaagir’, its just that we elected you to serve us not rule us.

Wake India Now !!

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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