Honour killing: the disgrace to our society

…..Coz there’s no honour in killing
On 10 July 2010, Surat’s Pooja Rathod, 21, was killed by her brother Mukesh. Her fault; she loved & married a boy of different community. When she returned after marriage , Mukesh bashed her head in with a log.

“Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; Take honour from me, and my life is done.”
 – William Shakespeare quoted this which I find very relevant in this context.

We live in 21stcentury where technology has overtaken our every aspect of life. We have moved on from being nomadic to becoming civilized. But somewhere deep down there is still a part of 15th century inside every one among us. If it was for any good I wouldn’t have taken the pain of breaking my head over it. Killing our loved ones and we call it killing for honour?? What is there to be so proud of?? We live in a place where people would do anything to comfort their mind and they feel proud of it. We are proud of our culture, our tradition which supports issues like dowry; female foeticide; honour killing; caste discrimination; child labour; we do all the unbearable stuffs and in the end we call ourselves great. Yeah India is a great country because people have made it great by their deeds. India is one of the most hypocrite countries, where people have two faces. One they show and the other that is never known. 

An honour killing (also known as: honour murder) is the homicide of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family or community. Honour killings are directed mostly against women and girls, but have been extended to men.

Honour killings have been reported in northern regions of India, mainly in the states of Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar as a result of people marrying without their family’s acceptance, and sometimes for marrying outside their caste or religion. In contrast, honour killings are rare to non-existent in South India and the western Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The Indian state of Punjab & Haryana has a large number of honour killings. According to data compiled by the Punjab Police, 34 honour killings were reported in the state between 2008 and 2010: 10 in 2008, 20 in 2009, and four in 2010. At least 30 people have died in such killings in the past 18 months. Alarmed by the rise of honour killings, the Government planned to bring a bill “Prevention of crimes in the name of honour and tradition” in the Monsoon Session of Parliament July 2010 to provide for deterrent punishment for ‘honour’ killings.

We can’t make government the scapegoat each time, we are the ones responsible for promoting and tolerating this disgraceful stigma. Government on their part are trying their best to make a difference. Unless we do something, Social issues like Honour Killings can not be eradicated completely. What pride and prestige does one have, when one can go upto the extent of murdering ones own kith and kin ? There is no honour in killing our loved ones just because they went overboard with their own life choices. Since when has loving someone or making ones life decision become issues of degradation and disrespect in  India ?  After all, it’s their own life; they have the right  to live it the way they want and choose their life partner. 

Some ‘highlights’ of “Honour killing”:

  • Journalist’s mother arrested for alleged honour killing
  • Teenagers Dead, Suspected Honour Killing
  • A teenage girl and her boyfriend were murdered in Delhi’s Swaroop Nagar area
  • In the village of Haryana, two teenage lovers were found dead in the house of the girl’s uncle. Police said Monika (18) and Rinku (19) were tortured before they were killed.
  • In Delhi’s Ashok Vihar area, Kuldeep (26) and his wife Monica (23) were found murdered. Police said the couple married four years ago despite objections from their families.
  • Asha Saini and Yogesh Kumar, both 19, were beaten with metal rods and then electrocuted, police said. The girl’s parents, uncle, aunt and a cousin have been arrested in connection with the murders. 

….these are just excerpts from an endless list testifying how farcical all tall claims of civilization have been!! 
Honor and shame from no condition rise.
Act well your part: there all the honor lies.”        »
Alexander Pope

Wake India Now!!!

– Mayank Verma
SRM University, Chennai

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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