Fast Conviction Needed in Rape Cases

The lightning has struck yet again. Again few mentally-ill humans have done the heinous crime. In a recent news that kept flashing on every news channel, a man raped his niece because he wanted to teach his wife a lesson. A cellphone mechanic rapes a girl and threatens her to make her obscene MMS. Two minor girls were abducted, kept in the custody of abductors for a period of two months and raped. What all those people who support the notion that “provoking clothes prompt men to rape or eve-tease” have to say now ? That on one hand we celebrate Mother’s Day, pledge to respect women and on the other hand we torture them, threaten them and ultimately rape them. The criminals they are all from one among us, we need to take these people to task.
The woman, who knew about the rape, lodged a complaint 15 days later on Thursday, only when her husband threatened to divorce her.
According to the Virar police report, Vinod Chouhan (38) went to meet his wife’s brother at his Virar (E) home. He took his wife’s niece out on the pretext of taking her for a stroll. Chouhan then took the child to her building’s terrace, gagged her and raped her. He also inflicted burn injuries on her private parts. After a few hours, he dropped her home after warning her not to speak about the incident. Chouhan told his wife he had raped her niece as he wanted to teach her (his wife) a lesson for her nagging. The couple fought over the issue, but patched up. On Thursday, Chouhan fought with his wife, threatened to divorce her and left for Gujarat. She then approached to police and lodged a case of rape. Chouhan was booked for rape and the police have launched a manhunt. The police are examining whether to book the aunt. She could have reported this issue long back and she didn’t. She did only when she was threatened by her husband for divorce.

The other news which kept haunting me and doesn’t let me sleep through nights was a cellphone mechanic raped a girl and threatened her that he would make her obscene MMS.And two girls were allegedly raped in Delhi on Friday. According to the Police reports in both the cases, the accused were arrested. The first incident occurred in Adarsh Nagar where a 14-year-old Class IX student was raped by a cellphone mechanic. A police source said that the accused forced himself upon the victim by threatening to film her in the nude and make an obscene MMS out of it. In the other incident, a 10-year-old girl was raped near Kashmere Gate by a vagabond. Police later identified him as some Kamal Kant.
This was not enough when another rape case came into the light that can make anyone shiver. Two minor girls were abducted, kept at some undisclosed spot for a period of over months and during this period of time the youths repeatedly raped them. The younger sister managed to save herself from the clutches of the abductors and reached home safely but adding to the tension elder sister is in the custody of the abductors. The parents then informed the local police who arrived on the spot and recorded the statement of the minor girl and sent her for medical examination on Saturday. The police are making efforts to trace the elder sister and arrest the abductors on the basis of information provided by the younger one.”

‘There are two kinds of people on this earth, one breed is of “thinkers” and the other is of the ones who “feel” ‘ says Rashmi Bansal in one of her books. Thinkers are those who do see a problem and move ahead saying, “it does not concern me, that’s not my problem ” but those feel at least have some compassion for the sufferers. Enough of being thinkers, its time we feel the things happening around us.   We at least need to raise our voices against such atrocities against women. 
All these cases have happened in Mumbai, Delhi and Allahabad in past few days. Whatever has happened has happened , but we can do something so it shall not happen in future. Let us take a pledge to raise a voice against such obnoxious crimes, support the issues which require more attention, help the downtrodden and helpless to live without fear and one day we shall have a crime-free society. Fast Conviction in Rape Cases and a prompt punishment to the culprit might help reduce the number of such cases.

Mayank Verma

SRM University, Chennai

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