Corporators and MLAs Demand Free IPL Passes, Threaten of Dire Consequences

Though gross negligence of power has always been rampant in India, Corporators of Bangalore have stooped to all time low by openly demanding 450 free IPL passes, for the matches to be held at Bangalore. In case they are not gratified, they have threatened to up the taxes and create hurdles for the cricketing body in the Bangalore city.

S Harish, the Deputy Mayor of Bangalore Municipal Corporation, putting in the demands of fellow corporators reiterated that they must be given 2 free passes per corporator for the IPL matches. They also made it very clear that they would not settle down for anything less than VIP tickets that would include dinner and liquor for free as well. Adding insult to the injury, MLAs from Bangalore have jumped onto bandwagon endorsing the freebie culture and demanding similar royal treatment.

The fault lies not in their expectation of getting free tickets, but the fact that they are threatening the authorities of dire consequences in case their demands are not met. It’s not just Bangalore but in entire India and its not just cricket but in every sphere of life, our representatives have been used to this freebie culture. They are so conceited in the garb of power that paying for something, appears demeaning to them.

They should realize that they are just one amongst us, who have been elected to represent us and bring our issues on the table. They are entitled to perks and amenities as laid down by the constitution, which is enough for their sustenance. In their personal sphere, they are just a common man. If a common has to pay to watch IPL, so should they. They can’t beg or ask for free tickets. Forcefully demanding gratification accounts to bribe and may lead to imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 5 years along with fine.

They have no moral right over free passes. It is the sole jurisdiction of the organizers to distribute the passes to whomsoever they deem fit. Revenue through tickets is the second highest contributor only next to broadcast rights, and this deep routed psyche of our representatives may harm the spirit of game in long run.

The corporators also advocate that as they provide funds to different cricketing bodies in the city, hence they are entitled to free passes. As a matter of fact, corporators were given free passes of IPL matches in all previous editions, but they can’t take it for granted. Moreover they need to realize that it is the tax payers money that goes into development of cricket, yet he has to pay for tickets and so should they.

Corporators and MLAs have already brought a lot of shame to the country, they should now set an example by giving up their demands and buying tickets for IPL. Well if they don’t (which appears most likely), Karnataka State Cricket Association should not give-in to their demands, making it clear that this freebie culture will no more be tolerated in India

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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