Holi turns Fatal; 1 dead, hundreds hospitalised after colour poisoning

Holi turns Fatal; 1 dead, hundreds hospitalised after colour poisoning

Holi- symbolic of victory of divine over devil, was demeaned yesterday, when the festivity turned into funeral for the family of a 12 year boy. He was among 200 children who fell sick after playing holi. He died in hospital today.The incident occurred in Shastrinagar area of Dharavi slum last afternoon when Holi celebrations were in full swing. Several people reported allergic reaction to the colours and were rushed to the Lokmanya Tilak municipal general hospital at Sion. By the evening, hospital had registered more than 140 color poisoning cases and many new victims were still pouring in.

While innocent children of Dharavi (Mumbai) were playing holi, little did they know that they were playing with there own lives. Poison in the garb of different joyous colors has affected hundreds of children in the locality and has once again revealed our vulnerability.

A Shastrinagar resident informed WIN that no sooner was the color applied, children suffered from allergic reactions including itching, vomiting, giddiness, nausea and vomiting. Blue color was the most lethal of them all.

Police has initiated a preliminary investigation and is trying to trace the source of these colors. Moreover, the samples of colors have been sent for analysis and investigation. This bizarre incident has sent shocking waves across the country, with many deciding not to play holi this year. Its high time now that we turn a blind eye to this. Adulteration is very rampant in this part of the world. And it is because we have not tackled this menace swiftly that now it has taken malignant form.

Defaulters should be given exemplary punishment so that it acts as deterrents for others. Moreover, we need to strengthen our machinery so that we can detect these cases before they turn fatal. A bit of vigilance can avert such catastrophe.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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