Dinesh Trivedi sacked- Victory of 'Aam' Admi or Failure of Democracy?

Dinesh Trivedi sacked- Victory of ‘Aam’ Admi or Failure of Democracy?

Dinesh Trivedi, who was criticized by his own party Trinamool Congress(TMC) for proposing a hike in Railway fares in the Rail Budget, finally resigned. Giving into pressure from all quarters, he emailed his resignation to PM. This might be seen as moral victory of Mamta Banerjee, the TMC supremo, who had been demanding a rollback of rail- fare hikes and ouster of the rail minister ever-since the budget was presented. All the while Mamta Banerjee popularly known as ‘didi’ proclaimed to be the representative of ‘Aam admi’ and hence she advocated that it was her moral obligation to fight against the hike in Rail fare.

But recently, Dinesh Trivedi has revealed that Mamta Banerjee was very well in know of the the fare hikes beforehand, He also claimed to be a scape-goat of Indian Politics and that he was bound to be sacked no matter what budget he presented.

While talking to her party’s parliamentary committee, Mamta alleged Trivedi of taking a unilateral decision without taking MP’s of the party into confidence. Well, Mamta herself has been a railway minister for long enough to understand that a minister is under oath not to reveal the details of these confidential documents. Moreover, as per Mr Trivedi, he had informed the possibilities of price hike to his leader. Also, Trivedi was the Railway Minister of ‘Indian’ Railway. Hence he was answerable to the country as a whole and not to any specific party, person or region. Hence Mamta had no moral or electoral rights to be consulted in the internal matters of the railway.

As a matter of fact, Railway budget is a a mere proposal, which is open to debate in the parliament and can be amended accordingly. To by-pass the parliament and to go out in public demanding roll back not only demeans the democracy but also indicates a shrewd political stunt by Mamta.

It is known to all that Dinesh Triviedi was not the first choice of Mamta for the post of Railway Minister. It was under some political compulsion that Trivedi’s name was forwarded by the TMC. And circumstances suggest that Mamta might have been in hunt for an excuse to fire him.

Mamta has long been known for creating controversies to stay in news. She is one of rare politicians who recently showed the audacity to allege that a rape victim was trying to malign her government and was playing at the hands of opposition. Whether it be FDI or Food Security bill, she has always preferred to sensationalize the issue in public than to debate over them in the parliament.

Today, we are just putting the facts in front of you and it is for you to decide whether sacking of Trivedi is a victory of ‘Aam’ Admi or defeat of democreay ???

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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