An Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi- Why We Chose Akhilesh Over You?

225 Rallies in 48 days…

..and still ‘yuvraj’ of the ruling congress party witnessed a humiliating defeat of Congress in UP state elections. Rahul Gandhi was out campaigning in UP for years, dined with Dalits of UP, but all he got in return was 28 out of 403 seats in the recently concluded UP elections. While stage was set for resurgence of Indian National Congress in UP, Rahul Gandhi may still wonder for where did he go wrong.

Mr Rahul!!

Apparantly you gave your best, but it was not good enough to counter the charisma of local hero Mr Akhilesh Yadav. Your 225 Rallies fell way sort of 800 rallies by your counterpart. He crisscrossed 10,000 km of UP, traversed length and breath of Uttar Pradesh and tried to reach out to the masses.

Mr Gandhi,while your meeting were mostly limited to well rehearsed speeches and meeting halls, there was one Akhilesh Yadav, talking to people, dealing with them one-on-one and catering to their problems.

While people could approach Akhilesh and relate to him and the problems that he brought to the table, you could only be approached by top cadre of the party. Moreover,you always tried to force-fit the national issues into UP. The problems that you talked of often bounced of the common man’s head.

The fact that Congress lost in Amethi-Raebareli-Sultanpur belt, which was always considered a stronghold of congress, clearly indicates that you really managed to screw things up for your party. These seats would have been a cake walk for congress otherwise. The perils of negative publicity did to your party, what it did to BJP in 2004 general elections. Initially you campaigned against BSP supremo Mayawati and ended up tearing the manifesto of SP.

While your senior ministers- Salman Khurshid and Beni Prasad Verma, vowed to bring in reservation for Muslims, you never bothered to contradict their claims.Your desperate attempts to play communal cards to garner Muslim votes by luring them into reservation didn’t amuse Muslims at all. On the contrary, it adversely affected your secular image.

While the change was inevitable. People of UP were fed up of BSP, which had institutionalized corruption. But it was SP which became the face of the change, for reasons which are quite obvious. We appreciate that while your Congress sycophants were praising your work even in face of the miserable defeat, you came out to take the responsibility. But that is the least that you could have done as the Captain and lead campaigner of congress in UP. While you get some time off now, introspect and retrospect and make sure that you are not forcing yourself to the people of UP. Of course you screwed this election, but there is a silver lining to this gloomy picture. You bagged 6 more seats as compared to your 2007 tally of 22. This should act as a ‘strong’ motivation for you for the 2014 general elections.

Last but not least, next time you visit a dalit’s house, make sure you don’t carry the media brigade with you. We are neither photogenic nor are we hungry of publicity. We are literally hungry and all we need is meal-twice a day.

Your Fan-For-Ever
UP Youth Brigade

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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