This Surely Is A Futuristic Move

Its been long since something positive, a constructive initiative came out of this UPA government. The proposal for “India Inclusive Innovation Fund”  of the Indian government does need appreciation. Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the PM on Public Infrastructure, Information and Innovations – announced this a few days back.
The Fund proposes to invest in a new generation of Indian entrepreneurs who will build – and are in the process of building – world class enterprises that focus on the problems of the poor, without compromising on economic success. In doing so, the Fund will help create a new Indian model of innovation: one that bridges growth and equitability.

The fund aims not only to create a pool of entrepreneurs but is also aimed at helping people who innovate to help people at the bottom of social hierarchy of our country.  This is a very welcome move and has futuristic values associated with it.

The best entrepreneurial and technological talent, across the world, has tended to focus on the problems of the rich. The Inclusive Innovation Fund will break this convention, investing in a new generation of Indian entrepreneurial talent, capable of innovating in products, processes, and business models: successfully combining profitability and business excellence, with transformational socioeconomic impact.

The move which has not been much publicised in the media, convinces one about the seriousness of the government about the initiative.

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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