Movement Against Corruption Must Continue

Anna Hazare has been forced to cancel his campaign against political setup and parties in the upcoming elections in five ailing states because of his own ailment.This is ofcourse a huge setback for the anti-corruption movement, as a politician fears no fear more than his loss in an election.This was the best chance to put apt pressure on political parties and make it known that people of this country want a lokpal Bill and a strong one hence the Janlokpal bill. It is the voters who get maximum reverence from a political party and its leaders during elections. This would have been our best opportunity to threaten and scare the politicians.

What we propose is that we should continue our movement against corruption and let us campaign against corruption even more aggressively. Anna’s absence from centre-stage ,though he can always guide us`and bless us, should give more strength and patience to the janlokpal activists to fight our way to get a lokpal which people of this country want.

Politicians should know that we do miss our leader(Anna Hazare) but it doesn’t mean we are headless. We do have able leaders in Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and the most respected IPS officer in our country Mrs. Kiran Bedi. They should take this movement to its next level. The setback this movement received due to low audience strength at MMRDA, Mumbai should be forgotten as a bad dream. We do have obvious reasons to explain the low turnout.

What anti-corruption crusaders must ensure is that our objective must be clearly defined and the same should be advertised properly and extensively. The movement which became party specific must be made issue based. Our aim should not be to defame others but to get a lokpal which roots out corruption.

One area where anti-corruption movement could not reach is rural India. The movement was focused in and around urban population. Efforts must be made to educate people- living in villages- about what janlokpal is and what the movement seeks. This one effort would ensure a never before support all across India and will nullify the false claims of political parties.

Wake India Now !!

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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