Kalmadi out on bail; to campaign for congress in coming elections

All those who have been part of anti-corruption movement and were always with Anna Hazare, should now welcome Mr. Suresh Kalmadi. He has now been granted a bail with a surety of five lakhs INR. Kalmadi was arrested on April 26 last year for his alleged role in awarding the contract for installing the Timing-Scoring-Result system to Swiss Times Omega at an exorbitant cost of Rs 141 crore, allegedly causing a loss of over Rs 95 crore to the public Exchequer.  A man who has been involved in embezzlement of above 95 crores gets to keep the whole amount, all our judiciary wants him to do is to deposit 5 lakhs ruppes. Atleast make him give back all the money he has laundered !!

A man who sold pride and prestige of the country has been let go free. As if this awesomeness of  Indian Judiciary was not enough, he is being made a star campaigner for upcoming civic elections in Pune. And it should be no surprise if the five poll bound states get to see him as a celebrity campaigner for the congress party. 

TOI reported that his supporters in Pune announced that his return will give a psychological boost to congress party workers, I fail to understand, how does a man who has brought shame and infamy to one’s own country bring moral advantage to his camp ? Rather, he should have been thrown out of parliament or atleast the party he belongs to, in order to set an example. But, congress and its allies have no issues as they are all equal partners in this loot the common man initiative which is being led by A. Raja and Suresh Kalmadi.

The court which gave bail orders says, jail term should be an exception and bail is a rule. As if a money laundering case of over 95 crores rupees is not an exception. The Delhi High Court  in this case has set a bad example. 

Apparantly, Mr. Rahul Gandhi  has been spending a lot too much of late. Throughout his UP visit he did not have even a single meal in any Dalit’s house which had burnt a big hole in Mummy Sonia’s pocket hence was Mr. Kalmadi brought out to fulfil baby Rahul’s extravagance.

wake india now !!

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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