An Open Letter To Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

Dear Sonia Gandhi,

In case you feel offended for not calling you “Madam Ji”, let me be very clear that I am not a Congress Party Ass licker. My life does not depend on you. Trust me, its you whose future is in my hands. I can throw you out of power if I please to do so. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, I am a free Indian voter and no Kapil Sibal can ever take away my freedom. Anyway, I am not here to discuss useless people and all. This letter is to inform you that we have been watching all the drama you people did for (NOT) passing lokpal bill and we have taken a serious note of it

If you still have doubts, I will tell you one thing,It is not Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal, who want janlokpal, India in its entirety is frustrated with corruption and corrupts, India not just wants, it needs a janlokpal. We need a mechanism to curb this epidemic. You better give it to us amicably.

A few of your ministers have been saying that Anna Hazare and his team should have accepted the lokpal being offered by parliament, even if it was weak,it was atleast a lokpal, whats the big deal if it was not for the jan (people) . Dear parliamentarians, passing a weak lokpal does not serve our purpose, we completely understand your concerns about your own income and livelihood and the sole reason we are hell bent upon getting ourselves a strong lokpal.

Lokpal you gave does not possess investigative powers it depends on government controlled investigative agencies for any investigations, why have a watchdog which does not have teeth ? What we need a lokpal which can take actions against people involved in corruption, it must not be a symbolic institution which only wastes taxpayers’ money.

Its very pleasing to know that you people fear that if lokpal is given enough power it can become parallel government 🙂 but unfortunately such is not the case 🙁 . You know what Mrs. Sonia Gandhi , of late it really feels absurd to call you Gandhi !

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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