AIIMS Paper Leak - A Shattered Dream

AIIMS Paper Leak – A Shattered Dream

CONGRATULATIONS India !! Really Its a Country having Unity in Differences. When in August we unanimously stood to support Anna Hazare , in January we, who had blamed officials and Government for corruption, use peaks of technology to cheat. Doctors , considered second only to God are given access to their degrees on the grounds of Money, Power and Forgery. If you have money and don’t want to go through the perils of hardwork for preparation – Its not the end . You have private colleges with management quotas why murder the year old struggle of an aspiring mind.

Getting a Post Graduate seat ,for an MBBS, is like a dream come true and in days between UG & PG is the sweetest of dreams. And these paper leaks turn it into horror and terror episodes.The paper this year was already too tough, it went so hard on our nerves that it shattered our mind what to talk of dreams. And when still in shock there came the breaking news of paper being leaked by use of hi-tech bluetooth and cameras.

I too am a PG aspirant. Though I am easy-of-going type. But still phases of depression and normalcy alternate my daily life.
Forgoing a PG seat means one more wasted year, more depression not only to student himself but to his parents, relatives also. Many life-rescuers of this country are sitting idle mugging up to become post graduate, a degree which is so easy to pursue in any other discipline. So much manpower being wasted, more ailing Nation and Mr MBBS bumping head against a hard rock called PG entrance.

The hi-tech persons involved in leaking racket can never understand this mental agony and torturous phase of our lives. This country which does not use technology for civil security, food security etc, uses recent of its advances to leak paper under nose of ultimate temple of medicine.
So, it is rightly said knowledge never goes in vain. You could not use it for constructive purposes,so why not use it for destructive ones.

Congrats India Again! You are going to have Doctors who have spent 35 lacs to get a PG seat and would spend another 50 lacs to pass the internal exams. Then why create a ruckus when they leave scalpels & towels inside the body of patients, and give medicines of Heart attack in cases of acidity. Isn’t it natural ?

Beware dear Mr MBA, please whenever you call upon an attending physician or surgeon please check they’re not those whom you have had once helped cracking the competition.
They can’t follow the principle “A friend In need is a friend In Deed” as technologies used to cure need some exteprtise to handle.

Its NOW or NEVER!!