Clothes Don’t Rape, People Do

Bangalore police under pressure from unidentified right wing activists withdrew its permission to organise the slutwalk (gejje hejje) here. People claiming to belong to woman organisations have threatened police if the to be held slut walk is not cancelled, women participating in it would be beaten with broom sticks.

SlutWalks have become a global phenomenon to protest against sexual violence after a police officer in Toronto caused outrage by stating in a speech to university students that women should avoid ‘dressing like sluts’ to avoid being victimised.Seriously!! how can you blame women for the wrong done to them !! SlutWalk in India is not only aimed at  creating awareness around the fact that a victim of sexual abuse or rape should not be blamed for the abuse just because of the way she was dressed. It is also a wake-up call to all those who prefer to be mute-spectators to public harassment of women. Today its someone Else’s sister or daughter, tomorrow it can be ours.

In India women harassment has increased exponentially,we all need to show a united and strong face against it. Women themselves need to be united first. Dressing seems to be a very conflicting issue among women. A few advocate freedom for women to wear whatever they are comfortable in while a majority of them support moral policing and expect women to adhere to conventionally accepted dressing sense. If men have why can’t women have their freedom to wear what they want !!

People have problem with the walk itself, forget about the concept behind the walk. These self proclaimed moral policing groups did not want women to dress skimpy clothes. The way number of such nuisance creating outfits is increasing, they will soon be dictating us on things like the food we eat and the religion we follow.

Let us not succumb to these anti-social activists and organise the Bangalore version of slutwalk sooner than later.

Clothes don’t rape! People Do !

Wake India Now !!

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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