Akali Dal Leader Slaps a Lady Teacher For Demanding Permanent Job

[Chandigarh,6th December 2011]In a bizarre incident that took place at around 2:30 pm yesterday, a sarpanch Balwinder Singh from Muktsar district was caught on camera slapping a lady teacher with dozens of policemen choosing to be mute spectators. The teacher was a part of delegation who were waiting to meet Bhatinda MP Harsimrat Kaur Badal, the wife of Deputy Chief Minister of the State at the function.They wanted to submit a memorandum to the MP, Harsimrat Kaur, demanding regularization of their job. However the sarpanch not only prevented them to enter the venue but also manhandled some of them. On protesting, he unscrupulously and repeatedly slapped Ms. Varinder Kaur. Adding insult to injury, the same sarpanch went on to file a counter complaint against the girl charging her of using derogatory language. In his attempt to portray himself as victim, the man has shown how politicians misuse their power to oppress the common man. Police locked teachers instead for smooth functioning of the event. No wonders–sarpanch belongs to the ruling party of the state.As if this was not enough, the sarpanch later denied of any such incident and argued that he was not present at the venue. He could have bought witnesses to prove his point had this entire incident not been recorded live.

MP Harsimrat Kaur Badal on being inquired, appeared to justify the act citing that the girl had not lodged any complaint. Meanwhile the man in question managed to roam scot-free. It was only after the huge media pressure that political heavy-weights realized that sitting over this issue would topple the political equations. Subsequently state government directed the police to file FIR against the culprit.Though Balwinder Singh has been arrested few minutes from now, there are many questions that remain unanswered. Can slapping a lady be justified on any count? Aren’t we free enough to meet our representatives to discuss our problems?

This is not an isolated development. There are many such incidents that don’t see the light of the day or fail to gather enough media glare. Misuse of power in political arena is rampant. While the man in question might have been arrested, chances are fair that he might be let free once the matter dies down. When Sharad Pawar was slapped, the man, Harvinder Singh, was immediately arrested. Quite in contrast, in this case police waited for girl to file a complaint. Why do we have double standards. While this incidence may have serious consequences in the poll bound Punjab, it is for the people of this country to be united against such gruesome act. We must ensure that whatever be the political standing of a man, justice must prevail in the end.
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