We Indians Are Obsessed With Sachin

We Indians Are Obsessed With Sachin

This country has been going crazy over Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th century in international cricket. Every match Sachin plays, we expect a century from him, more so after he completed his 99th century against South Africa on 12 March, 2011 at Nagpur. It has been some 8 months or 35 weeks since Sachin scored his last century. In the meantime, this gentle man from India called ‘The great wall of India’ has scored five centuries during the same period. Rahul Dravid has been adding bricks to his wall perpetually now.  Currently he is not  only the highest run getter in 2011 but also the second highest run scorer in test cricket placed only after Sachin Tendulkar.

Dravid has been scoring century after century yet everybody here is ruing Sachin’s missed ton. How terribly unfair. This does not take anything away from Sachin though, Sachin is a class act, aptly regarded God of Cricket in India and abroad.But, we must give others their due. Such has been the stature and charisma of this man(Sachin) that others have always played in his shadows in Indian cricket.

Former India Captain Kapil Dev and our captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni have  aptly slammed the media’s obsession with Sachin Tendulkar achieving 100 international centuries, saying the focus should be on the team’s performances. This frenzy also puts undue pressure on Sachin, he being a mere mortal. The burden of expectation is not new to him. It is something he has been dealing with since he joined cricket. It is the media and public hype which may be getting unbearable as the wait for this lone century has stretched past 8 months.
Its depressing to see the way some leading newspapers have been reporting ” the stage was tailormade for Sachin’s 100th century but he failed once again while Dravid and Laxman cashed in the opportunity”.

Its time we give some relief to Sachin and praise and celebrate contributions from other players as well. The team and nation should of course come first .

Its NOW or NEVER!!