Politicians Are Corrupt Because We Are Corrupt

Politicians Are Corrupt Because We Are Corrupt

We, common men fight for the removal of institutionalised corruption by revolting against system because we blame it. But, we forget our responsibility for nation. In democracy power lies in the hands of voters (common man) . So, a problem of this sort must NOT have come up ,without our own involvement in it. Corruption is an epidemic, everyone agrees.But, how many of us are y ready to forgo corrupt means,  today and now ? (Lets have people comment on this post who take a pledge to leave corrupt ways right at this instant). Each one of us want the world to be good, we want every other Indian (except ourselves) should quit corruption. After all who on earth doesn’t like earning a few extra bucks  !!!

When the question of personal interest comes ,each of us not only support corruption but actually engage in corrupt means. But we blame others for corruption in society. Our politicians are made the scapegoat. No, doubt most of our politicians are corrupt. But, it is we who choose corrupt over honest.

Anna Hazare is a hero today, he has been fighting against corruption and got widespread support. Still I feel, if he contests for Prime Ministerial post, he might not be able to garner enough support (I have no stats to prove it, just gut feeling ya !!!).  Just because, too many of us want corruption to exist in our system, our country and in our blood.Until and unless, we change the popular thinking that politicians spread corruption, we are not going to have any real success curbing the menace.All these demonstrations, dharnas,fasts and sacrifices will go in vain.
Let us all practise what we all have been preaching of late.

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Written By –  Vishwesh Jha

Its NOW or NEVER!!