LOW CARBON FUTURE is most important for ETERNAL human life

LOW CARBON FUTURE is most important for ETERNAL human life

17th Annual International Climate Change meeting has  started in Durban, South Africa. In this meeting, head of different countries will try to generate consensus on issues of low carbon future. According to the report  of  INTERNATIONAL  ENERGY AGENCY (IEA), the target of  2 0C  temperature limit is not being adhered to by all countries. Every country blames fellow countries for this violation neglecting its own responsibility.


Problem of global warming is the result of presence of huge amount of carbon in nature. Reasons and consequences of Global warming need no special mention. Many villages of Odissa and WB are frequently struck by tidal floods due to increased water level of Bay of Bengal. So,Global Warming has already struck India
All nations invest huge amount on decarbonising. Central government of India also invests billions of rupees on different projects. Combined effort of each country will solve this problem easily and quickly. So, moving the world to a low carbon future requires decisive action, clarity and commitment from every nation. In India, LOW CARBON FUTURE can be made by following activities:-
  • Plant tress and prevent the rain forests.
  • Operate power plants with improved technology to reduce the fuel input.
  • Capture the gas before reaching in atmosphere and store it in underground cavities.
  • Encourage people to promote energy efficient practices such as insulating the house and reducing the use of refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters
  • Encourage the use of public transportation facilities instead of private vehicles.

HUGE CARBON PRESENT creates problems for EXISTENCE of human life. If we neglect this problem continuously, human-life shall end sooner than later. So, LOW CARBON FUTURE is required for the safe and secure future of human- life. Striving for LOW CARBON FUTURE might be hard, but in present scheme of things it is not an option but a compulsion for mankind lest we risk our own existence.

Written By – Vishwesh Jha

Its NOW or NEVER!!