Kisi Desh ki Bhavishya Uss Rashtra Ke Bachon Ki Aankon Me Jhalakti Hai

Kisi Desh ki Bhavishya Uss Rashtra Ke Bachon Ki Aankon Me Jhalakti Hai

One chilly November morning, I was walking down a foggy and less crowded road. I saw some children, whom I could group into two categories. Few boys and girls were on way to their school, with their blazers on to beat the cold.  On the other side of  the road, I saw a small boy in dusty and tattered sweater, arranging fire-wood to a mud furnace at the roadside tea shop. Ironically, there was more than just the gap of road width among these two categories of children. India , world’s second highest populated country,has the world’s largest child population,40% of India’s population is below the age of 18 years which is 400 million in numbers. Unfortunately, large section of them don’t have access to the basic amenities, better facilities is a too far cry. Most of them spend their childhood as labourers. They are already out of the race, just living for their survival. Still, the rest of children population is strangled among a lot of issues which really needs an immediate review.

Everyone agrees that our children are the most precious gifts, we’ve ever received, or will receive in our lives. Even for “the Future Parents”, it’s crucial and better to know relevant issues in advance. It may help in better planning to raise their children. Every child is different in his/her way. Some are extraordinary in sports, some good in studies, some good in fine arts etc. Child Prodigy is an interesting example of above. Keshav, an 8 year old, Tabla Player ( who gave solo performance in Opening Ceremony of CWG,10 ), Sahal Kaushik , IIT student at a mere age of 15, Haris Imtiyaz Khan , self taught portrait artist at
an age of 13 are few popular names. Little wonders coming on reality shows like Chote Ustaad, Sare Gama Pa, DID little champs adds to this proud list.There might be hundreds of thousands of others, whom we don’t know, since they did not get proper opportunities.

This prodigy might prove a bane at times. Expectations from them multiply as they grow up, increasing mental pressure and stress. A balance needs to be maintained in their studies too . Recently there was a case, where a girl underwent trauma after losing in a reality show competition, due to increased pressure from her parent. It’s very crucial to guard the innocence with which children see life.

School goers have adopted a completely new lifestyle over past few years. Their days start with spine bending load of school bag and ends with completing there school assignments.  The complete scenario has turned into a mad rat race. Innovation and creativity has been replaced with getting nice score cards only.
At the same time with the rise of parental income, too much money has led to an over-indulgence of  children. Children demands are almost always fulfilled without giving a second thought to pros and cons. Children now possess latest gizmos. They spend endless hours in front of computers and video games, ending up becoming  “Game Addicts”! outdoor games and other physical activities has been curtailed to minimum importance. Cultivating hobbies and spending quality time with family is replaced by TV . Children today are living in an era where they know their neighbours through and social networking sites.

Chacha Nehru said “
Kisi Desh ki Bhavishya Uss Rashtra Ke Bachon Ki Aankon Me Jhalakti Hai.”  which means providing our children with a safe and loving environment in which to grow as well as giving them ample and equal opportunities through which they can take great strides and contribute to the progress of the nation. This day serves as a reminder to each and every one of us, to renew our commitment to the welfare of children.
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Written By – Shubham Anand

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