Justice for Keenan and Reuben-Should protecting ones friend be rewarded with murder?

In a bizarre incident that could demean one’s faith in humanity, on the night of 20th October, two youths were stabbed by a group of goons. This gruesome incident took place at 10:15 PM on one of the busiest streets of Mumbai outside Amboli bar and resturant. There were hundreds of by-standers, who preferred to be mute spectators. Youths Rueben Fernandes(28) and Keenan Sentos(25) lost their battle to life and succumbed to injuries. They paid the price for standing by and protecting the dignity of their female friends. They had been to Amboli restaurant for dinner where they were accosted by some drunken eve-teasers. Sentos and Fernandes objected to indecent behavior against girls and shoved the eve-teaser away. Soon, a gang of about 13 goons, armed with swords, knives and sticks emerged and stabbed Keenan and Reuben till they were dead. While hundreds of eyes witnessed this happen, not a single hand came to their rescue. Even when the goons were gone, no one bothered to call a rickshaw even.

While the culprits in this incident should be given exemplary punishment to deter such incidents, its time we introspect and ask- aren’t we partners in crime by not opposing the criminals!!! Such cases have not been new to this country. Many such case are reported regularly and subsequently forgotten. It was only on 15th of February, this year in Kolkata that a 16year old boy named Rajeev Das lost his life in attempt to save her sister from eve-teasers. The boy was stabbed six times still he didn’t give up. He was killed just because he was a good brother .The story does not get over yet!!! District magistrate’s bunglow was some 100m away. Girl ran to it and shook the iron gates pleading for help, yet no one came .

While the loss to the family is irreplaceable, we must ensure that their lives are not lost in vain. There should be speedy trial of the case and culprits should be brought to books at the earliest. We do not want decades of legal battles and turmoils and pangs to the family. These goons are termites to society and don’t deserve to live. Adding insult to injury, MLA of the area allegedly distributed complimentary copies of newspapers flaunting how he magnanimously supported both families just outside the church where funeral ceremony was organised. While the family refused of any such help, what has been more shocking is the politicians hunger and audacity to gain political mileage even in such situations.

WakeIndiaNow appeals to all the bystanders to give evidence and support the investigations.
Many such cases have been reported and pushed into dark pigeonholes meant for insoluble problems like corruption and population. Let this not be another one. Let us all stand together to ensure justice to Keenan and Reuben. Today it was them, tomorrow it can be anyone from us.

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