Brought To You By ...

Brought To You By …

During India England series, 2009, one ad with flirting quotes . “Hi handsome, hi handsome” caught my attention. It featured Shah Rukh Khan recommending a moron(personified) to use ‘Emami fairness cream’. The advertisement started with a guy being caught stealing ‘fairness cream for girls’ from girl’s hostel.
So lame. Why can’t he buy one ?

Today, in the age of information overlaod, people get tired of seeing promotional tactics of products. Advertisements are everywhere, be it on TV, in magazines,newspapers, billboards, radio, buses, sports arenas, internet and even in public toilets. According to a survey,on an average we come across over 1000 ads everyday. These ads are always emotional and hard hitting . What irritates the most is senseless, false, alluding and indecent message they want to deliver.
We live in a world, where lemon drinks’ companies offer to give real taste with artificial flavours and dish-washing soaps are claimed to be made of original lemons. Health products have learnt a way to tag their products as ‘clinically tested’ and ‘scientifically proven’ guarranting better health. The same person who plays a role of impatient lover in some daily soap , turns up to explain all in a white coat as a doc or researcher during the break. Probing a little only, one realises that they didn’t conduct any test or research. Even if they did, setting conditions and jiggling the figures among a certain group of subjects, now trying to generalize the findings.
Seriously! do you think ” Boost is the secret of Sachin’s energy” or “Revital is behind a fit and agile Yuvraj” . Before Boost or revital entered market, what did they rely on ?
Cosmetics ads have gone a step ahead . A girl with her thick and long hair pulls a truck. Is it her hair only or some metallic wire?
Soapy & syrupy fairness creams’ ads try to degrade women’s intelligence. Why didn’t an old father use earlier only, ‘Secret of Ayurveda’ to transform her daughter from a shady lass to a radiant, confident girl, in for a fair & lovely ad ?

Thanks to Adobe and its Photoshop application, skin colour can be changed remarkably within a couple of minutes. Hardly do we ever notice that they’re actually impinging discrimination based on skin colour among us.

The monotonous ad of Santoor soap seems to be proving, “Mommy never grows old and kid always came first in class”.

Timing of these ads can at times be a real mess. Why do all toilet cleaner ads have to come during your meal time only ? Advertisement for sanitary pads or contraceptives flashing on your TV while watching some comedy show with your family, can get real embarrassing.

On some serious note, “Walk When You Talk” by Idea cellular services, with Junior Bachchan posing as a doctor, raised controversies as it is unsafe to walk on a road or an open terrace. Brand infringement is another issue where one brand indirectly compares it’s product with other. It affects brand image of even quality products, resulting in customers confused.

Obscenity sells! This seems to be a cheaper way to market and promote their products. “Ye to bada toing hai” , an Amul Macho ad faced serious criticism for it’s indicative and vulgar content. Interestingly, the company’s turnover scaled up by over 201 crores after airing that commercial.

Deodrants ads have managed to acquire quite a bad reputation. Most of them are outright unacceptable for violating fragile Indian sensitivities as well as everydecency code in the book.

‘A can of compressed aerosol has the magical power to turn a mortal or an unattractive young lad (ignored by the ladies for the most of his miserable life) into an irresistible brat. At this point the fairy tale turns into every one’s fantasy tale. In few ads, man’s newly acquired scent attract a group of a woman(turned into a barbaric ravenous female bodies) ready to devourer him. Surely, it can’t be hard to imagine how this story ends. Even, deos and perfumes for women are more or less, the variation of the same sex laden stories.
Trivia is that, one of the newest ad for Wild Stone Deo was directed by a women only.

Vaibhav Bedi, a 26 year old. sued Axe company in 2009 for the depression and physiological damage caused by the lack of any Axe effect. In his court petition, he mentioned “I used it for 7 years, but no girl came to me. The company cheated me because in its advertisement, it says women will be attracted to you, as soon as you use Axe.”
What more ? Court officials in New Delhi ordered forensic lab tests on half a dozens of half used Axe body sprays, shampoos, hair gel etc. The case may sound stupid and dumb. But a question, “Are ads playing with our emotions and wits, fooling us all around everytime ? , stays intact before you to decide.

Its NOW or NEVER!!