Bhanwari Devi Case- The Ugly Face of Indian Politics

Bhanwari Devi threatened that she could bring down the government of Rajasthan. She claimed that she had CDs with objectionable contents against a Cabinet Minister of Rajasthan, an MLA and a Deputy Mayor. Before she could do anything, something else transpired. Bhanwari Devi ,who was employed as an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) in Rajasthan, went missing on 1st September, 2011. Her husband filed an FIR and blamed the Rajasthan Minister Mahipal Singh Maderna for his alleged involvement in the case. He alleged that Maderna had been in touch with her for 4-5 years.Still state Minister refused to have ever known anyone named Bhanwari Devi. It had been more than two months, yet no charges were framed. Minister roamed scott free, influencing the witnesses. All the while Chief Minister never thought it was necessary for him to intervene. As the congress has always done, they tried to cover up the story. Meanwhile the minister in question Mahipal Maderna was not even questioned once.

And then came a CD, some local news channels aired a video tape, showing Bhanwari Devi and Maderna in compromising conditions. Still the minister stood his ground. It was only when pressure started building up from all quarters and media jumped into the band wagon that Maderna was forced to resign. Subsequently , the case was transferred to CBI, Maderna is known to have accepted that he had intimate relationship with Bhanwari Devi. It has been over 70 days now and it is still not known whether Bhanwari Devi is alive or dead?The Vital question that arises is, if Maderna is innocent, why did he refuse to have known Bhanwari Devi. The fact that he was covering up hints to something fishy behind the scenes and establishes his culpability.

Adding insult to injury,Mrs Bishnoi has now confirmed that even the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot knew about the case and Bhanwari had earlier met the Chief Minister regarding the CD issue. These revelations raise serious question on the political accountability of the CM himself. Is he incompetent, ill-informed or chose to stay silent adhering to the vote bank policy, as going against Maderna could have cut down a majority of Jat votes.This gross negligence on the part of CM makes it obligatory for him to owe the moral responsibility and step down.

This bizarre incident has reiterated how power is being misused in political arena.While it needs to be ascertained as to what happened to Bhanwari Devi, we need to ponder for why did it take the police and politicians more than two months to act when all the evidences were against the accused. Chances are fair that this delay might have costed Bhanwari Devi her life, and we know who are to be blamed for this procrastination. The most vital question that would keep looming for days to come is – Did Bhanwari Devi pay the price of challenging political heavyweights?

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. The auxiliary nurse-midwife went missing from Bilada near Jodhpur on September 1. Her husband, Amarchand Nat, has alleged that she was abducted at the behest of Mr Maderna and his associates, that she has been killed and that her body is still missing.

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