26/11 Scars Remain

Foreign Minister S M Krishna warned Pakistan today on 3rd Anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack saying ‘Pakistan should stop using terrorism as a state policy’.

But, Dear sir, are we any good ? Aren’t we equal partners in terrorism as Pakistan is ? Pakistan sends young terrorists to India and we make sure he remains safe & healthy here.

Putting wreaths on martyrs’ graves and engaging in tall talks is what our politicians are adept at. There were ceremonies across the country in remembrance of our brave martyrs. Awesome things were said but not a thing has been done since past three years. One wonders, why is Kasab alive yet ? Indian Judiciary Roxxx (Pun intended).

Kith and kins of the 26/11 martyrs feel cheated. They have been denied justice. While the relatives of the brave souls have been left languishing, Mr. Ajmal Kasab is being fed lakhs of taxpayers’ hard earned money per month.

It is not a delayed justice for the bereaved but justice denied.

WakeIndiaNow !!

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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