Gandhi Beyond Gandhi Jayanti

The birth and death anniversaries of great leaders, today , have become mere public holidays. We remember the reverend leaders and feel grateful to them , not because they contributed in improving,changing and revolutionizing our society but just because the date gives us a complete day’s rest and some free time to enjoy.

Gandhiji has been an exception though, even 62 years after his assassination, he has managed to remain relevant in our day-to-day lives. His brand has of course, evolved in all these years and indeed grown stronger. Each coming generation rediscovers him all over again. Everytime we think of Mahatma Gandhi and his principles, a new dimension shapes up exactly like a new meaning comes up everytime we read Shakespeare’s literature. His ideas actually have modern connections, as he believed in out-of-box thinking,yet made things look simple. Satyagraha Movement started by him was one of its kind in that era. As Einstein said “Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a one as this(Gandhi) walked the earth in flesh and blood” He overpowered the strongest empire ever – British Empire- without use of any weapon or violence. He associated himself with masses, thats what gave him widespread support in freedom movement and enormous popularity later.This is exactly why only Gandhiji could manage to get his pics printed on Indian Denominations. One of my friend’s facebook status said ” Wah re Gandhi!! Kya chali teri andhi… aaya tha langot mein, chhaa gaya note mein !!!!” Today this country can not run without Gandhi (money connections yaar!).

Gandhiji still appeals to us when other names tend to fade,he still is a shinning star, not just because he is all over those NCERT textbooks in “Gandhiji the Talisman” (as if anyone cares to read those). Actually,he has been with us in one form or the other. From volumes of literary works to bollywood’s hit formula ,from political parties’ election agenda to sculpture and artists who incorporate him in their immortal creations, Gandhiji pervades all over the place.

Mass Support to Annaji – in his peaceful protests against corruption -is the latest real proof that ‘Bapu’ will definitely rule the hearts of Indians for many years to come.

Written By – Shubham Anand

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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  • Swastik

    Well said!

    The current India leaves a lot to be desired though. With the collective potential that we have, we can be a lot more than what we are currently.

  • I agREE…:/….COrruption is 1 of the biggest hiendrance coming in the path of progress & development…..IN order 2 finish it,,it must be DEvasted up by its root….