Dravid’s Retirement Is A Big Loss

He might not feel a sense of loss but his retirement is a big loss for Indian Cricket ,his fans and cricket fraternity at large; more so, as we could not utilise his full services for past few years , the reason for which is hitherto unknown to anyone outside the BCCI offices.
” It does not feel like I’m finishing in some sense. I will still be doing the same things I have been doing in last two and a half years. But, I had to work harder on my one-day cricket than in test cricket” Dravid said this in a press conference.

Rahul Dravid would turn up in Indian Blue jersey for the very last time in his 344th ODI match on 16th sept,2011, has amassed 10,820 runs scoring 12 centuries and 82 half centuries in the process. He is 7th highest run getter in ODIs now.

Rahul Dravid is one of the last classical test batsmen who is capable of playing copy book shots in contemporary cricket.His selection into the team was not easy but he cemented his position with shear adamancy and a lot of hard work. Rahul Dravid epitomises what keeping your basics right can do for you. Earlier he was labelled a one paced played who could not accelerate, thus not fit for One Day cricket. Of course he has never been a big stroke maker but, it has never limited him from pacing his innings at will, just because he always played inside his boundaries.
At the end of the day he is satisfied with what he has done for his team and himself.The legendary batsman commented “When I started playing, I wasn’t recognised as a one-day player. There was a lot more learning I had to do. I was dropped in the middle of my career, had to learn some lessons and it helped free up my Test cricket as well. I ended up playing over 300 games for India

Dravid with Sachin and Kumble have been mascot of cricket and have always been ambassadors of the gentleman’s game in its real sense.

Rahul Dravid ,of course,is a big name in cricketing arena ,but has always played in Sachin’s shadows, such has been the humbleness of this man. He has always been a saviour for his team, he kept wickets when his team needed, batted at any random position and has always been the safest hands in slips. If Sachin is God , Dravid is not a lesser God, as far as cricketing skills are concerned.
With Dravid goes the genre of Cricket and cricketers, which celebrated Cricket  more in its artistic form than stats.
We of course are going to miss it. 🙁

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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  • Dravid retires in style.. Kohli makes it even more memorable .. we will miss u Dravid..

  • laavanya

    s…. the dear departed from the gentlemen game….