Delhi Blasts-How long will India bleed?

आज सुना है फिर से कुछ लोग अपने घर नहीं लौटे
आज सुना है फिर से दिल्ली दहल गई धमाकों से
आज सुना है फिर से कुछ और आश्वासन और दिलासे मिले
आज सुना है फिर से हमारे ही हिस्से में जहर आया है
आज फिर से वही सुनने में आया है लोगों से
की इस देश का कुछ नहीं हो सकता
आज तो सुन लिया ये हमारी किस्मत है
कल क्या होगा हमारे भी साथ किसको पता…

Within 3 years of 26/11 attacks, terrorists have proved how vulnerable and deplorable security of India is!!!
On Wednesday the mayhem was back to Delhi when a deadly bomb explosion ripped the city apart. At 10:14 am this morning, a massive bomb explosion took place just outside gate no. 5 of Delhi High-Court.According to sources, the high intensity bomb was placed inside a suitcase. This blast was strategically crafted at the most crowded location to cause maximum damage. Atleast 17 people have been reported dead and 70 others wounded in this incident.

On may 25th 2011, a bomb explosion took place in the same locality. And in a matter of three months High Court witnesses the same draconian act- and this time the blast was deadlier and even more horrifying. While Delhi police has been so proactive in arresting Ramdev and Anna Hazare earlier, yet  no lessons were learnt from May 25th incident. The metal detectors were not working, scanners were out of order and there were no CCTV cameras installed as well in the locality.

Investigations are on and no major break-through has been achieved till now. Delhi Police has released sketches of two suspects, but it is yet to be seen whether the terrorists were home grown or were sponsored by some foreign agencies.No terror outfit has yet claimed of its involvement. 

Security alerts have been issued in all major cities after the blasts. But it is a bit too little and bit to late. The damage has already been done. The sole motto of the  carnage was to induce terror in India and the mission has been accomplished.
Security of common man is really at stake and this incident has reiterated pathetic Intelligence and vulnerable Security and administration in India. 

What can a common man do!!! 
Lock yourself into a room and never step out. Even that doesn’t appear to be a promising solution, you never know when one of those deadly explosives cross your way. A country where parliament can be attacked(and masterminds be provided free meals for 10 long years), expecting security of common man is always unjustified. 

Almost three years have passed since 26/11 attacks, yet Kasab survives at our cost. Ironically after the 26/11attacks, Kasab is the safest person in India. If a country offers such a bonanza for terror activities, terror industry would always thrive.

AIIMS HELPLINE: 011-2610 1925
RML HOSPITAL HELPLINE: 011- 2374 4721/ 2336 5525


Its NOW or NEVER!!


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