I know that this time I have chosen a serious but boring topic.I have done it because of my friends who have been telling me to try writing on some serious issues rather than making sarcastic comments on break-ups and and its after effects. Well, in an effort to give some solace to them all I am finally here discussing corruption with you all.
According to me relationships and corruption are interrelated terms.
We need a little amount of corruption to maintain even a relationship and a little amount of relationship to maintain corruption. Ignoring the relationship part, I am going to focus on corruption for now.


Once you pose this question to people around you, you’ll find that 99.99% of people will deny supporting it. But the rest i.e. mere 0.01% will support corruption or agree being corrupt, not because they are the only corrupt ones but they are the only ones who are truthful . And I belong to the elite club of those 0.01% extraordinarily truthful people. I support corruption, because in a way or other , I need it, we all need it and our lives depend on it.

Have you ever thought that what it would be like if we get a driving license only when we have mastered the art of driving and can drive a vehicle safely and have the know-how of all the traffic rules? Well, I don’t know about you but I have a driving license and I can proudly say that I have never driven even a bike, in fact my driving knowledge does not go beyond riding a bicycle. I needed a driving license inorder to get a sim card and spending a few extra bucks served my purpose and I am a licensed driver of any light motor vehicle now. Today, I have a full-functional mobile phone with a legal sim card,just because of this license, and of course a girlfriend to whom I can talk whenever I want to (I mean whenever she wants to). So, in my case corruption has played a very big role in maintaining my relationship.(Gawd!!! I cannot imagine my life without my mobile phone). Boss!! I will tell you one thing, life doesn’t go the way you see it on TV.

I am still a student so I haven’t encountered many situations where I had to bribe a government official to get my work done. But , the field I am currently in, i.e. education, is not untouched by corruption, corrupt means plays a great role in helping students and teachers alike. You might have heard of AICTE , actually it is supposed to be an advisory and statutory body, established for proper planning and co-ordinated development of technical education system throughout the country, and that is why it has made it mandatory for student to maintain an attendance of 75% to qualify for taking semester examination. I am not much into studies. I identify myself as a guy who never misses a chance to bunk classes to do masti with friends. So, for me it’s really very hard to fulfil the criteria of 75% attendance. But, thanks to our corrupt education system that even if my attendance is as low as 40%, the college will not bother me and if it is below 40% mark, I’ll just have to submit a random reason in written or maybe buy a medical certificate from nearby Doctor’s shop , who on earth has time to verify it, no one cares. I assume that 99% of college students are just like me, it won’t be an exaggeration if I say Corruption helps every student to get a degree, in one way or the other.

Corruption, is everywhere. It’s in our mind, our heart and our soul. Most of us bribe our younger brothers and sisters to hide our secrets, girlfriend’s roommate to help impress our gf, our own friends to help in examinations, sometimes our teachers too to get good grades. You might say that these are not too big issues to call them corruption. But, as an engineering student I simply follow logic and know that no matter how many zeroes we put together, it will still remain a zero i.e
00=00000000 :):):D.

In a graphical way,
Corruption = Corruption = Corruption
When it comes to corruption, an image pops up in our mind and that’s of ANNA HAZARE in his serene white clothes and the all famous topi. We all know Anna, he is a man who even in his seventies has more guts than a twenty years old youth, to fight against corruption. But it’s also a hard truth that Anna doesn’t know the importance of corruption. Since ,he never had a girlfriend, he was never in a relationship, he never had a facebook account with lots of girl in his friend list, he never got married, and he never lived a normal life. I respect Anna Hazare but I don’t support him. Without corruption our lives will become worse than hell. I know, it’s kind of selfishness. But it’s not only about me, it’s about more than 1.21 billion Indians who are corrupt and whose lives depend on corruption.

Written By – Subhash Jha
Its NOW or NEVER!!

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  • Anonymous

    bitter but true

  • Aniket

    LOL.. i reaally need corruption to exist.. an eyeopener.. haha !!!