India miss Sehwag and Zaheer

Indian bowlers could not restrict the English tail, yet again. Eventually, Tim Bresnan got a fabulous 90, batting at no. 8. When he came out to bowl, his confidence showed, with which he simply destroyed the the Indian batting line-up, claiming 5 wickets for 48 runs in just 12 overs.

It is always difficult to chase a target of 478 in 4th innings of any test match. Though, here in Tentbridge, Indian chase was toothless, batsmen were helpless against candid display of superb seam bowling , consequently the chase did not even last 50 overs.

India have lost two matches in a row, making life miserable for themselves. In all probability, England would win this series, easily,from here on.Absence of Sehwag, Gambhir, and Zaheer does not help India’s condition. Sehwag has an amiable track record of scoring in last innings of a test match and Zaheer’s presence not only boosts the morale of the bowling department, he also has this ability to swing the old leather.

Tendulkar at the moment , is the under performer of the team,he looks a bit tentative, may be the pressure of getting 100 centuries is telling upon him.He needs to become his normal self ,so that runs come naturally from his willow.

Only positive for India so far has been Dravid’s impeccable form. He has been by far the most valuable player for India- and is the best batsmen of the two teams in his current form. He has risen to 11th rank in ICC test batsmen rankings. Even Praveen and Ishant have bowled really well, but in patches.
For England though, they have had different star performer in each of their innings in these 2 tests.With Bell, Bresnan and Broad being outstanding in this second test. 
If India lose one more match in the series, they would lose their no. 1 spot in the test rankings. 
Here are some permutation and combination we have brought for you:

If England win:
2-1 : Equal India at 121 points but stay 2nd as India will have 2 ratings more.
2-0 : They become no.1, with 123 points while India demote to 2nd with 120 points.
3-1 : They become no.1, with 123 points while India demote to 2nd with 120 points.
3-0 : They become no.1, with 124 points while India demote to 2nd with 119 points.
4-0 : They become no.1, with 125 points while India demote to 3rd with 117 points.

If Series is a draw:

2-2 : England become no.2 with better rating than South Africa. India stay no.1.

Its still very early to predict the future of Indian team,this series is almost gone. We need to get our players fit soon.

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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  • Vikash

    India should better come back to home now coz they cn never make a COME-BACK.

  • Rahul

    Arey bhai Vikash, sehwag aur zaheer fit ho gaye hain na.. fir tension kya.. saare match jeet jaenge hum