Battle Half Won-Anna Breaks His Fast

Battle Half Won-Anna Breaks His Fast

The humiliating defeat of Team India in the test matches against England didn’t affect India much, neither did Indians bother about India being displaced form the rank 1 position in Test cricket. The Nation usually obsessed with cricket, had found a new god in Anna.  As Anna fever gripped the nation, all roads lead to Ramlila maidan, all News channels blared out nitty-gritty of jan lokpal bill, news papers donated front page to Anna Hazare. As the movement gathered momentum. anyone who tried to tide against the wave became a villain. It was only yesterday that Rahul Gandhi questioned the vulnerability of Jan-lokpal bill in the parliament and was flanked by media and politicians alike. In the garb of supporting team Anna, many businessmen made fortunes. One could have seen incredible demands for tee-shirts, trousers, vests, caps and banners featuring Anna. Many companies accepted orders for the same online. Anna the crusader of Anti corruption movement became a hotcake for electronic and print media which witnessed phenomenal increase in the TRPs in the last 12 days.

On 27th August, parliament unanimously passed the resolution accepting all the three demands of Anna Hazare ,i.e, inclusion of lower bureaucracy, Constitution of lokayukta in states and citizen’s charter.Prime Minister conveyed this message officially to Anna Hazare in a written communication, and Anna acknowledging this development announced to break his hunger strike the very next day.

Today at 10am, as Anna terminated his fast, Team Anna have already won their first battle. But as Anna puts it, the battle is only half finished. The crusader of Anti corruption movement, Hazare, has ensured that a able and strong lokpal is enacted. But will this lokpal really be a antidote to all the corruption issues? There is no magic wand as such, which can eliminate corruption at once. 12 days of Anna’s fast against corruption saw the swarms of humanity taking a holy dip into anti-corruption movement. But the success of this movement lies in what lessons people take back home after this 12 days magnanimous display of patriotism. If all those who supported this Anti corruption movement and claimed ‘Main Anna Hoon’, imbibe the true qualities of Anna Hazare, refrain from accepting and offering bribes, put nation before self; this jan lokpal bill would really be a very effective tool to empower citizens against corruption. But if we get back into the old shoe and feel that we have done enough for anti-corruption movement and rely on jan lokpal bill and team Anna to do the rest. This lokpal will just become yet another ambitious law which failed.
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Anti corruption movement has got the phenomenal start and has made incredible advances in the last 12 days. We have to keep the stone rolling and ensure that this is not the end of our campaign.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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