Anna may end his fast today???

26th August(12:05 AM)

It has never been in the history of India that all the members of parliament have stood up to request a man  to end his hunger strike, it has never been before that the speaker, opposition and the party in power-all have unanimously appealed a man to terminate his fast. As Anna Hazare’s fast entered 10th day, Anna made it clear that he was in no mood to compromise with Jan Lokpal bill. Government suddenly went into damage control mode. And clearly one can sense the wind swinging in Anna’s favour now.

Anna’s speech before he was arrested

Anna Hazare by pm9968

Prime Minister has agreed upon a debate. Under the provisions of section 184, lokpal bill is expected to be brought up in parliament today morning(26th August).Parliament is expected to discuss in details three versions of the Lokpal Bill. These are Hazare’s Jan Lokpal Bill, National Advisory Council member Aruna Roy’s version of the Lokpal bill and another version presented by Andhra Pradesh MLA Jayprakash Narayan. Today’s session would be most crucial, as it would not only decide the future of lokapal bill, Hazare’s hunger strike may prolong or terminate depending on the outcome.

While UPA can sense the momentum shifting from its camp, opposition would be no mood to let go such a golden situation. According to sources, in Cabinet level meeting that concluded just now, government has finally decided to bow down. Anyways, government neither has will nor power to resist this mass movement anymore. Pranab Mukharjee’s statement that Anna’s life is precious for the nation appears hilarious for why was the same life price-less for the last 10 days.

As of now(12:05 am, 26th August) UPA ministers  Sandeep Dikshit, Milind Deora, Jitin Prasad, Salmaan Khurshid etc are at present discussing the future course of action in a meeting in the National Capital.

Earlier in the afternoon, Responding to PM’s appeal, Hazare had made three demands to the Prime Minister— citizen’s charter, lokayuktas in all states with Lokpal powers and inclusion of lowest to highest bureaucracy. “I have sent a message to the Prime Minister. If you want to pass Jan Lokpal bill then start the discussion today morning. I have three demands. If there is support (for them), then I can consider ending the fast,” he told his supporters at the Ramlila Grounds here. 
In a similar development, Team Anna met the leader of opposition Mr L K Advani. Ofcourse Team Anna wants to leave no stone unturned ahead of the crucial session today. Keeping in view Anna’s Deteriorating health, we wish that parliament comes up with some fruitful outcome. So that Anna may end up his hunger strike. One thing is for sure, even if this fast ends, the Anti corruption movement is here to stay.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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