Anna Against Corruption Or Against UPA

Anna Against Corruption Or Against UPA

Anna Hazare Observing fast for last 7 days, this pompous drama has been all over the place, news channels have been blaring out , papers have been donating their front page , and people’s mind has been hijacked by the event . Most of the blue billion are agitated and are abusing the government for atrocities towards their saviour , Anna. But, I and a quarter of society, do not associate ourselves with Anna or his campaign, not because we support corruption more because Anna Hazare- a socialite all his life and today also is up for the noblest of cause- his methodologies and strategies, do not suit us.

To be very honest I am against the herd character of my nation. Indians do not make wind but are blown away by it. Just follow the mob without knowing what the issue is. Mob, only creates chaos, whether it be garlanding any filmstar or peltion down a cricketers house. Really, mob has no brains only heads.

Anna started with anti-corruption propaganda, got widespread support, but somewhere, somehow he changed his agenda to Anti-congress and anti-UPA.
Our politicians represent us.We elected them, we gave our precious votes to choose them for the job they are doing . We ofcourse had various alternatives, but a particular MP was elected, because people found more suitable, more able. Then all of a sudden,(on provocation of somebody ) we have started abusing the same elcted representatives, we want them to leave office at once, why ??

It is not that a particular government is corrupt or not able enough, but it is the political system we follow is to be blamed. Our political system needs a overhaul.Anna is being promoted as the saviour of India, by the parties not in government.The party sitting in opposition, in this democracy, feels that it has the moral duty to go with the force rebelling against the government. This fight should have been against the entire system not against UPA Government.

Anna Hazare got widespread support not in the name of anti-UPA rebellion but because, people are disappointed, frustrated and fed-up of the system, we need a change. We want a government, which not only promises but in reality gives good and clean governance.

Corruption has its root within us -the Mango People- how we never get a challan for violating traffic rules, rather bribe the traffic police with a 50 rupee note. As we have gained money out of proportion to what we deserve, we have gone into this consumerism where we want to buy everything & anything with the green notes be it a degree, certificate or anything else. This starts corruption . So corruption starts from our home and spreads into the society and country at large. As we spread it, we are responsible to take remedial steps, taking up nation wide drama on tv and newspapers would be of little help in that.Every individual should leave corruption. If every Indian cleans self from seeds of corruption, the plant won’t ever flourish.

Even media is not untouched by this epidemic of corruption, which has nothing to do with truth but bothers only for TRPs. News Media is not for entertainment it should put forth facts as they are seen by their naked eyes but they show the camera version which has been sold or tampered under the effect of money, power and influence. They should even unveil the hidden spheres of a fact & help public judge between right and wrong with all pros & cons,in front of them . If they can’t take initiatives to reveal hidden truths atleast they should have a moral responsibility not to manipulate facts.

And at last if Anna is welcomed and a lokpal bill is stamped upon, who is to guarantee its cleanliness? That a janlokpal would take neutral decisions for the harmony of India not with some self-benefits and influence. Who is to keep an eye on him to keep the post corruption free. Or, Shall another Anna have to observe fast to deroot him. Anyone can gain sympathy of my innocent Indian brothers & sisters showing them a world of fantasy which might not even be a distant reality. But, its not fair that a retired person (of 74) who has no job to do is disturbing day to day lives of millions with his dramatizing activities just to end up nowhere and himself attempting slow suicide.

To bring Prime- Minister under the jurisdiction of bill is utterly ridiculous. Why to call the person Prime-Minister when there will be others to overpower his chair.

I can’t enumerate the number of benefits this democracy boasts but am sure it gives Right to sulk to everybody. Anna, at 74 is behaving like a kid sulking for not being bought a precious toy.

Being a former Army personnel & a social worker, he should at least respect our Hon’ble Constitution if not the high chairs.

I am with Fight for Corruption slogan of Anna but against his ways , strategies and unrealistic demands. The anti corruption fight should be against oneself-greed for money, passion for power and the stamina to overdo things to get these by any means i.e. fight is against the whole system.

Its NOW or NEVER!!