The Wall Stands Tall at Lords

” The honours board at lord’s finally got what it had been missing for 15 years.
With that unbeaten century at the mecca of cricket, Dravid proved his class for the nth time.
Wickets fell regularly at the other end, but the wall stood tall yet again 🙂 ” says Sandeep Kataria in his status update on facebook.

Rahul Dravid once again came to India’s rescue to prevent an almost inevitable follow-on. It was a day when English bowlers flourished. Indian wicket fell like a pack of cards, but Mr. dependable did what he is meant to do in the Indian squad. He started a bit quick but slowed down to hold the Indian innings together and went on to complete his 33rd test century ,eventually. With Dravids century,the trio of Tendulkar,Dravid and Laxman completed a century of centuries in Tests.

While the prospect of Tendulkar scoring his 100th international hundred at Lord’s had dominated attention, Dravid slipped out of the shadows and quietly reminded the world of his understated talent.

“The talk is always about Sachin and probably rightly so,” Dravid nobly admits. “In some ways it suits me. There is a lot of attention on him all the time and I can slip by quietly and get on with my business. He is a legend of the game, he was on 99 international hundreds and it was set up for him. Hopefully there is a big knock coming up for him in the second innings.” he further says.

Fifteen years and 154 Tests ago, Dravid made a Test debut at Lord’s as a shy 23-year-old and made 95 in six hours, batting at No. 7. He was ecstatic, and did not understand why people asked him if he was disappointed.

“I never understood the significance of such statistics when I came here the first time as a young man,” he said. “But to miss out on my first hundred at Lord’s all those years ago did stay with me a little bit. It is not as if it was the end of the world, but it was there at the back of my mind that to do it would be great to do it. It is one of the most talked-about honours boards in the world.” said Dravid after the end of the day’s play.

When he brought up three figures with a nudge through midwicket he celebrated it with rare emotion,mid-way through the second run he jumped for joy, punched his fist in the air and  it showed how much  the century meant to the man who is not known for public display of his emotions.

What sets Dravid apart is his eternal exploration to reach new grounds. Even hours and hours at nets won’t satiate his quest for improvement. With this century he has become the second highest run scorer in Test cricket, only after Sachin.

Rahul Dravid epitomizes all that cricket is about – calm, dignified and elegant. A dying breed unfortunately!!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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  • Kavish

    Dravid is the greatest batsman India ever had.

  • Anonymous

    other batsmen should imitate him..

  • Anonymous

    VIKASH :see n learn…

    at least make 50 or take 1 wicket beside just throwing(bat and bowl)…MR. DHONI

  • Manjunatha

    he is the most underrated cricketing greats.

  • prem

    thanks 4 giving space 2 a person who deserves apreciation.Dravid is really most talented .