Sachin-God of cricket!!

Even Google knows who the GOD is!!!
If you type Suresh Raina is God, translate it to serbian and translate it back to english, you will get Sachin Tendulkar is God. Sachin is GOD of so called religion in India – CRICKET. The religion which unites India and Indians like no other religion ever has. It is the only religion perhaps on the whole planet which does not divide its followers into castes and sects.
There have been many cricketing greats in India , time and stardom corroded all of them.They either became victims of The Great Indian Politics or could not cope up with the pressure of performing routinely at the international arena. But, This superhuman has been performing consistently for times immemorial now(read two decades). Thats what makes him class apart from others.

Andy Flower once said -“There are two categories of batsmen: Sachin Tendulkar, and the rest”. This in itself portrays the real picture of the little mastero. He has piled Everest of records. He is is only batsman in the history of ODI to have scored a double century.
Very strangely, recently there have been this notion doing the rounds that whenever Sachin Hits a century, India loses, but stats do not support this. Sachin has scored 99 centuries in total(tests and ODIs combined) out of which India has won 53 matches(53.53%) while 22.22% of them have resulted in a draw or n/r. While India has lost only 24.24% of the matches in which Sachin has hit a century.

Sachin and Cricket are symbiotically related to each other,inseparable and inviolable. Sachin has been playing for India since he was 16 and has only bettered with age. Sachin has dominated the record books for more than two decades now and would continue to do show untill he decides to hang his boots.

If Cricket is a religion in India, Sachin is it’s GOD.
Hope the GOD plays on…
Its NOW or NEVER!!

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