Relevance of Caste based reservation!!!

This issue in the political arena implies nothing but a vote bank policy. When Gujjars turned violent and resorted to protests to include themselves in other scheduled tribe (which they later got),it was just an indication of huge catastrophe that is to follow.

To figure out the relevance of reservation and its utility, we must understand the objective of reservation. When India became republic, those castes and tribes which were backward socially or economically were entitled for some special privileges so that they could merge with the main stream. Initially it was meant for 10 years period and was sub jet to change as per the scenario.The committee headed by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, which first put forward this concept would never have imagined that their descendants would use it as a mere political weapon to master the art of divide and rule.

In today’s context is it logical that every-one who belongs to a particular tribe or caste is backward. When ‘minorities’ have risen up the hierarchy and likes of K.R Narayan,who even became the first citizen of India,its hard to make out the relevance of these reservation. The reservation policy has not become an iota logical in these 60 years.

While ensuring opportunity for one, it should be ascertained that it is not at the cost of others. There is a great danger of others being pushed to the periphery instead. Is a doctor’s son still ‘backward’ socially and entitled for reservation, while a beggar’s kin ,unlucky to belong to general category, deserves no assistance. How illogical this system appears. No one here is so here is so blunt as not to know the truth. Every party in power fear that if they go against caste based reservation, it would cut short a major portion of their vote bank, which is against the ‘ethics’ of politics of the chair,by the chair and for the chair.

Its hard to figure out the relation between merit and caste and it is equally hard to make out the logic behind reservation in technical lines and higher education. Which sort of doctors do you expect out of a student who couldn’t have cleared his cutoffs, hadn’t he been blessed by reservation. How can a country compromise with its quality and talent. It may appear shocking but true, OBCs have their berth in IITs assured, only if the clear the slashed cutoffs while in ‘general’ category there are thousands of students fighting for one place.

It is more a fact than argument that caste based reservation is quite illogical and irrelevant today. A country can’t afford to curb its talents and merit and allow ‘inferiors’ to flourish. Ofcourse talent knows no caste. If a talented student is economically weak, he must be provided with financial aid. The recent development of raising the bar for creamy layer for reserved classes also falls completely out of place.I don,t feel there is any answer to why poor people of only one section should be protected and supported while others left to vagaries of fortune.

Crutches are meant for lame. Let those with legs stand on their own. Benefit of reservation should reach to the needy. So reservation system needs a thorough overhaul. Economic status and not caste should determine the eligibility for reservation. A universal bar should be fixed and any family having income below it should get reservation, that too only in terms of economic concessions only .It should be ensured that once a family uses reservation and merges with the mainstream, its eligibility for reservation terminates. After all, reservation is not a family heirloom.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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