Long live Dhoni

From captain cool to the most successful captain of Indian cricket.Dhoni’s journey has been like a fairy tale.A dream run for any small-town lad.Over seven years as an international cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has earned a lot of sobriquets – Mr cool, the perfectionist and man with aMidas touch. A few eyebrows were raised,when team management decided to hand over captaincy to Dhoni in 2007 ignoring many senior players.But his three years rein as captain of Team India has brought innumerable trophies and nonpareil glory to Indian Cricket. World cup T-20 Victory in 2007 and World cup victory in 2011 stands in testimony to his able leadership and swift decisionmaking ability.

Today as Dhoni turns 30, we on behalf of entire nation wish him avery successful year ahead . People say MSD is the
lucky charm for indian cricket, But he himself gracefully disagrees and says that he has got the best team in world. He has lead CSK to the IPL triumph twice with no Sachin or Sehwag in the side.No matter what the team is, his captaincy always does the trick. He has that X-factor which converts a bunch of performers into a team of a chievers.

What is most interesting in Dhoni’s case is, he has neither got the talents of Sachin nor has he the class of Dravid, But Dhoni is the apple of everyone’s eye, and defies all logic.Whatever be the circumstance, whatever be the match situation, Dhoni remains positive, calm and composed. He keeps faith in his team and derives most out of his players. On the field or outside, he has never allowed stress to take a toll on him.This gets induced to his team as well and in lieu the opponents get stressed out.

The friendly environment in the dressing room is quite conspicuous,it makes the team play as a unit and get better results.There has not been a single instance when one would see Mr. Cool impatient, perhaps impatience doesnot exist in his dictionary.

What makes him class apart, is his ability to risk his intuitive decisions ,which more often than not, clicks for him.The T20 world cup final is a livid example for that. Few would have expected that Joginder sharma would get the final over . But, it worked for Dhoni, this has been his specialty throughout his captaincy, he has immense confidence inhis players.

He has led Team India to the apex in all formats of the game.Coming from nowhere, with no exceptional talents, he led a bunch of world classcricketers to world cup glory.Dhoni, inspires the average common man.He givesthem a lot of dreams.It was after a long wait of 27 years that India became theworld champions. Dhoni has made our country proud.
Lets hope that he only gets better as a player and captain in days to come.

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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