Is ramdev a product of multiple refinements??

The recent scenario doesn’t need to be brought into light. The propaganda that Central Government implemented against Ramdev might not have suited everybody. Neither should it. How can Ramdev be wrong? He has done so much for the country, taken out all the money from the foreign bank accounts. Why don’t people understand that this huge amount what he brought is to be distributed among every individual of the country? He is doing so much for India.
Have you ever been to his “shiwirs” , which he organizes at different places ? Never mind what a big fan of his you are, or how much the “shiwir” is necessary for you, if you don’t deposit a huge amount, you can’t have a seat there. It just pulls out the brain off my body when people like him say that India is in the hand of fools.A pure ‘satyagrahi’ by nature , he is a great follower of Gandhi with an additional quality of his own. The quality he has is that while on ‘satyagrah’ if there is a police-raid, he tries to flee-away in ladies’ clothes. Such a great “satyagrahi”.

When caught, he said,” The Govt. conspired to kill me.” Mind your words Mr. Ramdev for if it had, you wouldn’t have been alive making these speeches. He should understand that killing people in India is quite an easy job and for the people in power, it doesn’t require any conspiracy.Also, he can change his words as per the situation. This is the best thing a leader should have. After all, if people like us keep supporting him, he should dream of being the Prime Minister. He is quite ready; haven’t you heard his party’s name, ‘Bharat Swabhiman Party’.
His trust, which has accumulated around 1150 crores is quite patriotic. Every member of the trust is so patriotic. Ahh, my tears roll down while talking about them.Consider his right hand, Acharya Balkrishna, or whatever he is, the majority of the shares of the trust are on whose name . I remember the press conference he held, the day he returned after he was unnoticed for some days in the arena. He had a piece of paper in his hand, the speech-letter and reading from that paper, tears fell from his eyes. What a patriot!!! A horrible piece of over-acting. Oh Balkrishna, devote some extra time towards acting rather than ‘aushadhi’ and all, you will need them regularly.
That’s not all. In that press conference, there was one more thing which seemed to be as funny. Balkrishna was born in India in Haridwar to a Nepalese couple. After his birth, the family re-shifted to Nepal where he was brought up. Again, he returned back to Haridwar and pursued his education from there. Just note the order. Had he not brought the piece of paper with him, he too might have confused with it. This “story” was an answer to one of the allegations that he is a Nepalese criminal. Such a great answer, the allegation seemed to have struck the right man.
The qualities Ramdev and his followers have are too many to discuss on a piece of paper or so.I am not a Congress supporter , neither am I strongly against the Opposition,yet I should say , rather conclude that, people like him who share a common feeling of rising into power are in search of situations like this where from they can get cheap-popularity. People don’t need to pay heed to whatever he says or does. After all, we are the common people, whoever comes into power hardly matters for us, whether it be Congress, BJP or “Ramdev”, neither of them are going to look after us or distribute the “black-money” they will bring among us or use that money in development purposes. We have to take care of ourselves, as we have been doing.

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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