Govt tried to kill Ramdev

 To consider the incident at Ramlila as tragic aberration is to forget the grim history of UPA government which has been in news for all wrong reasons. Corruption is at its all time high with cases like CWG scam and 2G scam becoming the order of the day. Congress has truck with corruption and controversies. They are bent upon destroying this country. The entire incident has raised several concerns over  the intention of the government.
It is the only instance after Jallianwala Bagh massacre incident that a satyagraha movement has been crushed so ruthlessly and mercilessly. The present Government has achieved new milestones in corruption in the form of CWG scam,2G scam etc. It is this moral bankruptcy and value crisis within the government, that the urgency of a through and immediate overhaul cropped up. With government cornering Anna Hazare by stalling the progress of Jan Lok pal bill, Baba Ramdev was compelled to launch a peaceful satyagraha to add more strength to the anti corruption movement.
How could baba ramdev expect a government, which has become a hub of black money and corruption, to take pains in bringing back the black money. His proposal to have black money announced as national wealth must have irked the top brass within the government who seemed to be losing the most. It was this panic which envisaged itself in the form of heavy crack-down on a peaceful demonstration on Sunday mid-night.
In a high voltage  midnight drama, police  cracked down on Baba Ramdev and thousands of his supporters forcibly shutting their hunger strike against black money, triggering widespread panic and resentment amongst the followers of yoga guru. At least 71 persons, including a critically wounded woman admitted in ICU, were injured in police raids at Ramlila Maidan during wee hours on Sunday. Policemen fired teargas shells and opened lathicharge to disperse the supporters of Baba Ramdev at Ramlila Maidan. Several others have been reported missing following the police crackdown, but there was no casualty reported in the incident.
Ramdev, who sought to escape disguised as a woman and was served with an externment order that barred his entry into the capital for a fortnight, blamed government of betrayal.  Baba Ramdev has alleged government of plotting a controversy to kill him.
Whatever reasons government may cite, it can’t shy away from taking due responsibility for this barbarian act. If Kapil Sibal is to be believed, he justifies the act on 2 grounds
          1)The whole drama was staged by the administrative wing of Delhi Police and neither Congress nor UPA had anything to do with it. Dr. Sibal  stop befooling the Indian Public. Five thousand odd police men including  Rapid  Action Force can’t appear out of the blue. It was a well planned and grafted activity. The urgency with which the whole operation was dealt points towards some ulterior or vested motives of the think tank of UPA. If Dr Subramanian Swamy is to be believed, commander in Chief of Congress Ms Gandhi is one of the premiere customer of Swiss banks. This fact helps put the missing links together.
2)Sibbal went on to say that Ramdev had permission for yoga camp with five thousand participants, Delhi police discovered serious irregularities and discovered that yoga camp had been metamorphosed into political agitation with lakhs of participants.
How could Delhi Police be so ignorant that while entire India knew about the indefinite hunger strike  the Delhi police was enlightened by this fact only at the midnight. This statement appears quite hilarious in the face of the fact that key ministers of the government had been persuading baba not to go for hunger strike for days, yet neither government nor Delhi police had any clue about Baba’s Satyagrah.
Critics also advocate that Baba Ramdev’s anti-corruption movement had  acquired communal and political colors. Even if we accept these charges for a moment, still this does not warrant such a barbarian crack-down. Even if Baba was at fault, what was the fault of thousands of people sleeping peacefully who finally landed up in hospitals.
Whatever be the political affiliation of an individual, he is free to express his views and any attempt to encroach upon  this right should highly be condemned in the society. Team Anna has boycotted the lokpal bill meeting scheduled on 6th of June and has also announced to register protest on 8th at Jantar Mantar. Supreme Court has also slammed the goverment for such irresponsible attitude and has asked to file a complete report.
Its NOW or NEVER!!


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