Get Your Old Facebook Chat-box back

All those who want the old chat-box style back on facebook, just follow these simple steps. Change in the chat-box options and style has annoyed many of the facebook addicts. We can’t see who are online, it just shows few friends with whom we interact most. Just install a simple script in your Browser to get your Old Facebook chat. Lets see how to get back our Favorite Facebook chat.

New Side Bar                                                          Old Chat Box

For Google Chrome Users

It is easiest to enable old facebook chat in Google chrome.All you have to do is to install the script to get rid of new sidebar chat.
Just Click the Following link to install Script. CLICK HERE TO GO TO DOWNLOAD SCRIPT PAGE.
In the Script page Click ‘INSTALL’ button which is in the Top Right side of the page.
Now the Install Popup will appear, in that box CLICK ‘INSTALL’ and now the Script is Installed.
Now the Script is Installed. 
Now Close the Existing Facebook page and Open the Facebook again. You can See your Old Favorite Chat is available. If you cant see the old facebook chat, Clear the cache and open the facebook. Anytime you can remove this script from extension menu of the Google chrome to get the New sidebar chat box.

For Mozilla Firefox users

To get old facebook chat-box in Mozilla Firefox, First you need to install Grease Monkey Add-on before installing the Old Facebook Script.
Open the Firefox and go to Download page of the Grease Moneky Add-on from the following link. Click here to go to Gease Monkey Add-on Download page.  
In the Download page Click ‘Add To Firefox’ button.
After clicking ADD TO FIREFOX button, the popup will ask about installation. Click INSTALL and Its done.
Now Gease Monkey Add-on is Installed.
Click here to go to Script Page in the Script Page click Install button which is in the Right top, same as we did above for Google Chrome.
After installing Close the Facebook and Open it again to see the Old Facebook chat is available. if you can’t find, Clear the cache files and try again. Anytime you can remove this script from Gease Monkey add-on to get the New sidebar chat box.

For Opera Users

Click here and Go to Install Old Facebook Extension and Restart the browser to get your Facebook Old chat.

Just follow these simple steps and get back your old facebook chat box back!!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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  • Rajesh

    Worked like a charm for me…Now I have got my old facevook chatbox back
    Thanx a lot amit!!!

  • Rohan

    Very informative article

  • Chetna

    I am using chrome, and it was really very simple to install the script

  • Asif

    Explained in few simple steps…gr8 article

  • Prashant

    I am using Internet Explorer, how can I get my old chatbox back???

  • Ankit

    Nice and simple steps, works fine.

  • Manjunatha

    Amit u rock man!!! it was really a great help… was irritated with the new sidebar.

  • Anonymous

    oh my gawd!! its awesome i could it back as soon as i installed the thing…

  • Nishant

    I never thought it could be so simple!!!

  • Alok

    Its damn simple

  • nice and simplest explanation u can find out in net great work guys… keep it up