Dont smoke your life away!!

Love your life that you got from the Nature,
Don’t squander it for momentary pleasure.
Edify others but never yourself sway,
Dare not smoke your life away.
And at all, if you smoke I bet
Rings of puffs are to hang you dead.
 It’s an ultimatum for all those who smoke; your life is at grave risk. You may be prone to deadly diseases like lung cancer, heart cancer, emphysema, respiratory problems and many other gastro-intestinal disease–It’s a common warning which often falls to deaf ears. Unless one has been living under a rock, every one knows about the evils of smoking. So, every smoker knows that he is eating up his own health and virtually his own life. But once a person becomes addict to smoking or any other drug for that matter, he can’t resist the temptation to quench his thirst for it. Bereft of drugs one day can tear an addict apart and it get onto his nerve. Addiction to drugs is so strong that smokers very easily over read the statuary warning that smoking cigarettes can be injurious to health. Governments present proposal to add visual aids would also meet no different fate.
Smoking thrills but kills. It is the greatest of all evils. According to the American Lung Association of Texas lung cancer is a leading killer in U.S.A. and smoking accounts for most of them. Besides having the above mentioned disadvantages, smoking also thoroughly spoils our teeth, causes high blood pressure, mouth and throat cancer, stomach-ulcer, bronchitis etc. It is paradoxical that poors who are hand to mouth, avail smoking at the cost of essentials of their family. Once addicted, they squander money first to quench their thirst and then later on medication.
It’s hard to give up smoking. So what is needed is to create awareness so that people don’t take to smoking. For that one ought to know, how and why is smoking lethal? The devil tobacco in the form of cigarette contains the deadly venomous Nicotine. Nicotine is a chemical,containing C,H and N ,which is found in the tobacco plant. Pure nicotine is a poison, used as a pesticide. And it’s true that pure nicotine (a colorless, odorless liquid) is strongly poisonous. So the rings of smoke that smokers blow out actually blows out a portion of life force from them. And finally, rings of puffs are to hang them dead one day. Smokers influence the whole world around them and especially teens are more gullible and prone to influence. They ape what they see in the society. They take it as a craze, passion or rather style statement. Whether smoking is started due to peer pressure or sheer experiment, the end is no different.
On the government’s part, just banning smoking in public places won’t do. Why can’t it be banned out-rightly? I don’t think there is even a single merit of smoking. Government ought to sacrifice the handsome amount that it gets through these products as taxes for greater welfare of the society and country as a whole. But making government the escape goat is not fare enough. We ought to bear our responsibility. For if we stop consuming these products, they wont be produced. The crux to all these problems is that  we ‘non-smokers’ often feel that it hardly matters to us if others smoke or take drugs or drink or do anything for that matter. But Horace rightly said “our own safety lies at stake, when neighbours house is in flames”. The recent evolution of the concept of ‘passive smokers’ stands in testimony to it. Passive smokers are those, who actually may not smoke but still face no less threats to life, because fumes of cigarette blown out into air by smokers is inhaled by ‘passive smokers’ , who get all the facilities and benefits of devilish nicotine. so it’s not only important that one keeps cigars away from oneself, but it is equally important to ensure that these are kept away from whole society. So we ought to pledge to eradicate this evil to ensure our own safety.  
Chains of smoking are too light to feel,
Unless they are too heavy to break.
Its NOW or NEVER!!


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