AIEEE Paper leak: Drama within & beyond...

AIEEE Paper leak: Drama within & beyond…

CBSE has become the stage for high voltage drama once again.

Firstly, the paper was rescheduled from 28th April to 1st May. Then on the  eve of this mega event the AIEEE papers were found in the open market at Kanpur, exchanging hands at an incredible price of 6 lakh. Once it was established that this was the real paper, CBSE went into damage control mode. Exam was conducted on 1st of may  and those who missed out the exam due to AFMC were allowed to sit for AIEEE on 11th may.  The fact that it ensured re-examination within 2 hours of the incident is praise worthy. But it doesn’t wash away the cardinal sin that it committed-the sin of playing with the future of 12 lakh students.

There are many questions that need to be answered now. How would CBSE maintain parity between scores and rank between the two exams. Some may argue that online test format as adopted by BITS has different set of questions for all candidates. But there is a difference here. In this case there were two distinct set of questions for two different group of students. Its a matter of fate for who turns out to be the privileged one. For sure the question paper that came on 11th couldn’t be similar to the one on 1st. Those who took test on 11th got extra time and hence extra advantage over lakhs of students who took test after spending hours standing in scorching sun in the grip of uncertainity.

To add fuel to the fire, AIEEE official website had no information regarding the paper leak or rescheduling. Ofcource, every-one would have reverted back to the web-site to get the authentic news. It is a matter of shame that news channels like aaj-tak etc proved to be faster than CBSE to convey the news to us. It was only after a day or two that CBSE felt the need to update the ‘news’. When you are not afraid committing a crime, why be shameful in publishing it?

I was myself a AIEEE aspirant in 2009 and I personally believe that these things must have existed since long.Remember it was not the first time that AIEEE papers were sold, it was the first time they were caught. At this point of time I am compelled to believe that I could have secured a better rank and landed  into a better college. This incident shows that corruption is deep rooted in CBSE and needs quick redreesal. These things can’t happen without the consensus of top-brass at CBSE. Question papers are highly secured documents and limited people have open access to it. So there are some bigger fishes roaming scot free and need to be brought to book.
Its NOW or NEVER!!


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